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Enter the era of automated document scanning software solutions that are helping tremendously in cutting down costs and boost time management and ROI of the business operations. Take, for instance, an OCR tool that alone costs $3000, and let’s say this small investment is capable of saving you at least $15 per hour per employee and assuming.

IMAGEPRINT R.E.D. is ColorByte’s newest entry in the printing world. Because IMAGEPRINT R.E.D. uses the driver that ships with the printer, it can Run Every Device. With a simple, intuitive interface, it’s the perfect software for folks just starting out who aren’t ready for a custom solution like IMAGEPRINT BLACK; for experienced printmakers who are happy using only a handful of papers; and for anyone who wants to make better looking prints on a budget.


IMAGEPRINT R.E.D. shares the same interface as IMAGEPRINT BLACK, but we’ve removed some of the more advanced features to deliver a product that includes everything most people need for photographic printing.

Are all of the IMAGEPRINT BLACK profiles included with R.E.D.?

No, IMAGEPRINT R.E.D. doesn’t use the same profiles as IMAGEPRINT BLACK. Instead, R.E.D. is engineered to be the very best at using the color management provided by your printer’s manufacturer. It works with all the profiles provided with the printer driver as well as any profiles made by independent paper manufacturers for your printer.

Is there a quality difference between IMAGEPRINT R.E.D. and IMAGEPRINT BLACK?

Window Tint Cutting software, free download Windows 10

IMAGEPRINT R.E.D. is still a ColorByte product, and we wouldn’t release it unless we could guarantee it will improve the quality of your prints. For starters, we’ve engineered R.E.D. to optimize the printer driver supplied by the manufacturer. We take things to the next level by using IMAGEPRINT’s proprietary pipeline to eliminate operating system conversions that could negatively impact quality.

Gta vice city free download windows 8. IMAGEPRINT BLACK delivers the best quality prints. Period. It’s a finely-tuned, custom output solution built for each individual paper and printer combination. The individual components are carefully integrated to work together at the highest level. Because of this, its availability is limited to an elite selection of printers.

Can I build my own profiles for IMAGEPRINT R.E.D.?

Yes. IMAGEPRINT R.E.D. gives you the perfect platform to build your own profiles. You can easily turn off color management to ensure you’re getting the very best and use any ICC compliant tools to create your own profiles.

How many printers can I use with IMAGEPRINT R.E.D.?

IMAGEPRINT R.E.D. will work with an unlimited number of printers in the size range it was purchased for, but it will only print to one printer at a time. Jobs sent to other printers will stack up in our spooler until the current print is complete. If you need to print to multiple printers at once you can purchase additional licenses.

Can I use IMAGEPRINT R.E.D. as a client over the network?

No, IMAGEPRINT R.E.D. can only be used on a single computer. If you need to print to one or more printers on a network, you need the more advanced features of IMAGEPRINT BLACK.

What advantages does IMAGEPRINT R.E.D. give me over printing from Photoshop?

We get this question a lot. Both use the OEM driver to print. However, Photoshop is foremost an image editing package that happens to allow you to print. It gives you very little control over output related functions. IMAGEPRINT R.E.D. is a feature rich printing application designed to drive your printer to its fullest potential. You’d be hard pressed to find an easier way to print than IMAGEPRINT R.E.D. In fact, we’re confident that once you’ve use IMAGEPRINT R.E.D., you’ll never want to print from Photoshop or a basic print utility again.

Does IMAGEPRINT R.E.D. use IMAGEPRINT BLACK’s fancy Spoolface or the limited OS spooler to queue print jobs?

This is another area that separates IMAGEPRINT R.E.D. from other methods of printing. IMAGEPRINT R.E.D. uses the same advanced spooler as IMAGEPRINT BLACK, because we believe any application designed for printing should include professional level spooling.

What is IMAGEPRINT R.E.D.’s automatic color management mode?

Automatic color management is one way that IMAGEPRINT R.E.D. simplifies color management. By default, the correct profile will be automatically selected whenever you choose to use paper made by your printer’s manufacturer. Just select the Media Type, and IMAGEPRINT R.E.D. will do the rest.

How do I use 3rd party paper profiles in IMAGEPRINT R.E.D.?

It’s so easy; just select the 3rd party paper profile you want to use and IMAGEPRINT R.E.D. will tell you which media type to select. No need to decipher cryptic filenames or struggle with media configuration files every time you want to make print.

If I already own IMAGEPRINT BLACK, can I also run IMAGEPRINT R.E.D. for a different printer?

Yes. You can add IMAGEPRINT R.E.D. to any IMAGEPRINT BLACK license, and you can move between the two in the same interface.

Does IMAGEPRINT R.E.D. run on both Mac and PC?

Yes. IMAGEPRINT R.E.D. is hybrid and you own the ability to use it on Mac and PC.

How much does IMAGEPRINT R.E.D. cost?

Because we aren’t building custom drivers and paper profiles for over 93 manufacturers like we do with IMAGEPRINT BLACK, we can offer IMAGEPRINT R.E.D. at a much lower price. For printers 17” or smaller it’s just $399; for printers 24” or larger it’s $599.

When you use the ‘Text’ tool to type words into Silhouette Studio, the words look like this:There is no fill color and the line color is red. Here’s how to change that (scroll down to change the line color):

STEP ONE: Select the text box containing the words you want to fill with color. I clicked once on my ‘Howdy, folks!’ to select it like this:STEP TWO:
In Silhouette Studio V3:

Click the ‘Open the Fill Color Window’ icon (A). A window with a color palette will open on the right. Click on the color you want to fill your letters. I chose black (B).

And that’s it! The letters will fill with whatever color you choose. If you change your mind and want these letters a different color…say, green…simply select the text box again and click on the green box you want, and you’ll have green letters.

In Silhouette Studio V4:
Click the ‘Open the Fill Panel’ icon (AA). A panel with a color palette will open in the upper right. Click on the color you want to fill your letters. I chose black.(BB)

And that’s it! The letters will fill with whatever color you choose. If you change your mind and want these letters a different color…say, green…simply select the text box again and click on the green box you want, and you’ll have green letters.

Oh, yes… and in V4 there’s also a super-convenient, quick button way to open the fill palette. In the upper left corner of the screen, click on Y and choose your color.

How to select “none” as the fill color…

If your letters are already filled with color and you want to set the fill color to none, instead of choosing a color, click on the large square with the cross-hatching in it (C in V3), (CC in V4).

Other color options…

If you can’t find the color you want in the color palette, click on ‘Advanced Options’ (D) and another color range will pop up below the palette. Click anywhere in the color range to choose a color. You can also drag the cursor (E) around the color range to see the possibilities in real time. Just release the cursor when you find a color you like. This image shows V3 of the software, but the Advanced Options and cursor slide are right under the palette in V4, and work the same way.

The slider on the right (F) controls the tint, so that gives you even more color options by increasing or decreasing how “greyed” the color is. The ‘Transparency’ slider at the bottom (G) allows you to select a solid color or vary how “see-through” or transparent the color appears. In V4, the ‘Transparency’ slider is directly under the color palette.

How to match the fill color to the color of another object…

If you choose a color from the palette (as in STEP TWO) for one object, and then you have a second object you want to have the exact same color, matching is easy. Simply choose the same color box from the palette that you chose for the first object. But if you chose a color from the color range below the palette, or you played with the tint (F) and transparency (G) sliders to get just the right color for the first object, it can be a challenge to match that color in other objects. Silhouette Studio has the handiest tool for this. See the eyedropper in the color palette (Q)? Ooo, baby, do I like this tool. :^) It allows you to fill an object with color that is the exact same as another object. Here’s how it works.

Let’s say you wanted ‘Howdy, folks!’ to be the same color as ‘Welcome’. Select the text box that has the text you want to change color (in my case, ‘Howdy, folks!’), click on the eyedropper (Q) and then move the eyedropper cursor around. Sorry, the eyedropper cursor doesn’t show in this image…screenshots don’t capture the cursor, but you’ll see it’s there, just to the left of the color box (R).

As you move your cursor around, the color box (R) next to the eyedropper cursor changes color depending on what the eyedropper cursor is pointing to. To get “Howdy. folks!” to be blue like “Welcome”, move the cursor over “Welcome” until the color box (R) changes to blue, then click. Voila! ‘Howdy, folks!’ is the same baby blue as ‘Welcome’.

What about the number boxes?

Don’t worry about them. The numbers will change automatically as you choose different colors. But if you know the HSL or RGB combination or the # of a specific color you want to use, you can type it into the number boxes to get that exact color. For example, the blue I used in the subheadings above is #10a4c9, so when I want the text to be that exact blue, I plunk #10a4c9 into the # box to get it.

Window Tint Cutting software, free download

Select the text you want to have a different line color.

In Silhouette Studio V3, click the ‘Open the Line Color Window’ icon (H). In V4, click the ‘Open the Line Style Panel’ icon (T), and select the Line Color icon(V)

Version 3 ↓↓↓

Version 4 ↓↓↓

For both V3 and V4, follow the directions for changing the fill color as above. The process is exactly the same—same palette, same advanced settings, same tint slider, same transparency slider, eyedropper matching tool…everything. The only difference is you’re making these choices in the Line Color Window instead of the Fill Color Window.

So for my original ‘Howdy, folks!’, I changed the line color from red to “none” by selecting the large cross-hatch box (K).

And in Version 4 there’s a super-convenient quick-button method to get to the line color palette. In the upper left corner of the screen, click on Z and choose your color.


And there you have it… the A to Z of fill color and line color. If I’ve missed anything or you have a question about any of this, leave me a comment and I’ll answer ASAP.



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