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Table of Contents

  • What is SMS?
  • 7 Best SMS Tracking Apps (100% FREE)
    • #1. TheTruthSpy App

What is SMS?

The standard form for SMS is (Short Message Service). It was discovered in the year 1980s by the scientists of France and Germany. SMS can be referred to as the oldest texting and messaging technologies.

Over the decades, the SMS system has spread all over the world. SMS is a platform for sending messages with any device. Messages can be share from Android, iOS, and various other platforms like Windows.

It comes with GSM standards developed by European countries by which a sender can only share messages to the number of their contact list.

It allows text messages up to 160 characters between mobile devices, but also through the internet and telephone, using contracts that are shared through all these platforms.

SMS was used by the US military to communicate throughout the American continent.

Finally, it was introduced to the general public in 1992. On December 3rd, 1992, an engineer named ‘Neil Papworth’ sent the first-ever message by using SMS.

How does It work?

When you send a text message, first it goes to the nearest cellular tower through a pathway known as the control channel, and then goes to an (SMSC) SMS center. The SMSC gives back that message to the tower closest to the receiver, and then the message gets transmitted directly to their phone.

SMS also sends data related to the message, as well as the range of the message, and end location, stamp of time, and format. In simple words, your message is interpreted, and then it is sent to the second person as per your choice.

What is SMS Tracking?

SMS Tracking is a way to track the SMS of an individual by spying or hacking their SMS app. Basically, it is a way to track outgoing and incoming messages on someone’s phone.

As a parent, you might be thinking about whom your child was chatting with most of the time, isn’t it?

Then by tracking SMS, you can know to whom your child is chatting with and also can track your employees! A company can also check their employers’ information by spying on their message.

If you want to track someone’s SMS, then you are in the right place.

Here are some best hacking applications you can use to hack SMS without installing it on the target phone.

Thetruthspy Free License Key

7 Best SMS Tracking Apps (100% FREE)

We have gathered a list of the 7 best SMS tracking apps you can easily install on your phone. This application is genuine and also works. Also makes sure that you don’t believe in any such websites which will in turn spam you.

Never share your information with this kind of application. This can result in serious hacking issues. Check whether the website and application are genuine or not as per that share your details. Check out these apps!

#1. TheTruthSpy App

TheTruthSpy is one of the best tracking solutions. This app satisfies all your monitoring need. It is an authentic and trusted application used by many users internationally. It works on android phones as well as the iPhone. Also, you don’t need to root the target device.

Steps to Track Text Messages FREE

Follow the 3 easy steps to track text messages for Free.

  • Step 1: First, you need to download & install this app through any device or any browser at
  • Step 2: Second, create an account and hide the app on the target device.
  • Step 3: Log in to and choose the Text Message Spy features to view all the text messages.

#2. AppSpyFree App

Another known and true SMS tracker is the AppSpyFree ( The app is a mobile phone monitoring way that permits you to spy on a targeted device remotely. One of the best features of Minspy is its silent working so that the targeted person doesn’t get to know about this.

This application can be easily installed by searching it on google. Also, you can contact the developer’s team in case of any technical problem.

#3. GuestSpy App

The GuestSpy ( does not provide unlimited spy features as compared to any other spy app. It comes with SMS Tracker, Free GPS Tracker, social media monitoring, spy call recording, ambient voice recording, and pictures.

Although some features are more advanced and sustainable than any other software, you have to create your account so that you can share your data across many devices.

#4. PhoneSpying App

PhoneSpying ( is an adaptable SMS Tracker solution for almost every employers and parent. By downloading and initiating the app, you can view all the messages. Furthermore, you can also check the live conversations happening on messaging apps such as Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook, etc.

But since it requires you to root, the targeted phone has to think over whether to download or not. In this, you might need an expert for rooting the targeted device. Moreover, the PhoneSpying application does not work in the older version of iOS.

#5. FreeTracking App

FreeTracking ( claims to be a simple and easy-to-use SMS Tracker and requires minimal input from the user to begin monitoring any cell phone or tablet.

This application easily records all text messages and captures phone calls, GPS location, and also can read social media messages and much more on any Android or iPhone.

Truthspy Log In

Type and enter the license key and also the phone number of a targeted cell phone. FreeTracking will extract information from the target phone within a few minutes, and you can view the information through your online portal.

#6. PhoneTracking App

PhoneTracking ( is the 6th most popular SMS tracker app on our list. It provides a user-friendly display which makes it quite easy to use. This application can be set up easily without much time.

Thetruthspy Free License Key Bytefence

You can read the entire conversation in an interlaced view. This app also shows the sender of the messages provided with a message timestamp. You can also view the attached media files sent over MMS.

You can view the conversations of various social media applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, and many more. This app provides a handful of monitoring properties to fully get inside the victim’s phone.

#7. FlexiSpy App

FlexiSpy ( is another sturdy spying application. It is an absolute smartphone build way that permits you to see the messaging activities on the required device.

The Truth Spy Free License Key

Although due to highly advanced features, it becomes too difficult to install the application. An average user could not be able to use this app efficiently.

Thetruthspy App

FlexiSpy provides an additional feature of an extra plugin to give more tools to the user. The most popular plugin is ‘Filter message’ which can be used for filtering messages as per your need.