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Mooncakes @ Mulia Hotel

If you’re looking for speciality mooncakes, Vanda Chinese Restaurant at @muliahotelbrunei offers a good variety such as White Lotus, Pandan Lotus, Red Bean, Pure Lotus and Assorted Nuts, both in traditional baked skin and crystal skin.The star of the bunch is of course the Musang King Durian mooncake, filled with pure Musang King Durian. The one with the charcoal skin is our favorite.

It is available from 19 August – 13 September and prices ranged from $7 – $15.80. Call 2335544 for further info.

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Nasi Lemak goodness!

Do you like Nasi Lemak? Where is your go-to place in Brunei? Do share them in the comments as we would like to try them out too.
This is Nasi Lemak Kukus by @kudutnlk which comes with a generous portion Sambal Pusu, Daging Rendang and Ayam Masak Merah. Really rich in flavors and very fulfilling.
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Look who’s coming BACK!

Guess who’s making their WAY BACK!? Yes! You read that right! @waybackburgersbrunei is opening their doors again from the 1st Day of Shawal!

So don’t forget to “langgar” them at their usual spot in Kiulap. They also have a contest to celebrate their comeback. Go check their Instagram for more info.

Opens 10am – 10pm. Bah, lakastah beraya di #waybackburgersbrunei!
#bruneifoodies #brunei via Instagram http://bit.ly/2WqaY8a
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