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Sungkai at i-Lotus with the Social Media gang.

The setting was simply nice. The big white tent is definitely one of it’s kind in Brunei. It can at least hold 400 diners. The food is as usual not disappointing and now they’ve got 3 buffet line. The hotplate section is now much bigger, so it’s less crowded. Call in advance to book your table. If you do it on the same day, it’s most likely you won’t get a table. 

Thank you @joannajoeyjo @emmagoodegg @pablo_bakes @anakbrunei @harimaulim @maurina @angelshameless & @bruneitweet for the good fun. Till the next one 😉

i-Lotus Restaurant Sungkai & Sahur Steamboat Buffet Promotion.

Well known for it’s fresh seafood hotplate, this place is always crowded by the hundreds. If you manage to reserve a seat, it’s best to be there on time, the queue for food starts quite early.