Superman Returns Game Download For Android

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Superman Returns Game Download For Android

It's unfortunate that despite being an iconic superhero, Superman has always had less then stellar success in game format. Unlike the movie, which reinvigorated Superman for a modern audience, Superman Returns: The Videogame continues the long trend of mediocrity.

Superman Returns: The Videogame alludes to being a movie tie in, but that link is tenuous at best. Instead of battling Lex Luthor you'll instead defend Metropolis against the likes of Metallo, Bizarro and a few other super-villains that had nothing to do with the film. The only real links to the film are a handful of cutscenes that gloss over the events of the film in between your battles with robots, tornados and dragons, oh my.

To defend Metropolis you have the typical suite of Superman powers, such as heat vision, super breaths, flight and some powerful melee abilities. This sounds more interesting then it is however because most of the objectives, which typical task you with fighting some sort of enemy such as the aforementioned robots or averting a natural disaster, are pretty boring. Moreover the actual combat suffers from suspect collision detection and a targeting system that doesn't really give you a satisfactory way of changing targets. There are a few interesting sections that have you wrecking havoc as Bizarro or racing against Mister Mxyzptlk but overall the gameplay isn't very engaging and will leave fans of the movie wondering if EA just might have missed the point.

Superman Returns: The Videogame is graphically a mixed bag. Flying around looks and feels great but once you land you'll find that Metropolis looks a little muddy. Making matters worse the framerate is far from rock solid. Conversely the audio is strong, featuring an orchestral soundtrack and voice work from the primary actors in the film.

It doesn't help things that Superman Returns: The Videogame is also quite short, taking under 10 hours to complete with little replay value despite the sandbox design. Both fans of the movie and Superman in general should pass on this game and hope that the next Superman game will buck the trend of mediocrity.

Download Superman Returns Game

Overall rating: 6

Superman Returns Video Game

In this Superman Returns game, loose debris is falling from the Daily Planet building. Use your powers to save those on the streets below. Of course, it would be a bit simpler to just put up a Health and Safety notice, clear the shoppers out of the way, and wait for the dust to settle, but then it wouldn't be much of a Superman game would it?

Anyhow, to play this Superman Returns game use your arrow keys to move left and right smashing as much debris as you go, but watch out for the Kryptonite. Once you've caught the debris, start tapping your up arrow key to slow Superman down and safely dispose of the debris. But be quick, the ground is fast approaching.

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