Smartsteamemu 1.4.3 Download

SSELauncher comfy edition. Download latest working build. Based on decompiled source of SSELauncher contained in SmartSteamEmu 1.4.3 release, slightly cleaned up but mostly untouched. Added features: Log cleaning on startup.

This is a steam client emulator which enables you to play steam games without STEAM client and play online games or lobby enabled-games on LAN without any internet connection or online.
This emulator initially intended only for Age of Empires II HD to enable lobby features without depending on STEAM. Now the emulator has been updated and can be used with other steam’s game.

    – Run steam game without steam
    – Enables play online OR on LAN without internet connection
    – Emulates lobby, server browser
    – Stats, Achievements and Save games
    – Configurable DLC subscription
    – Avatar support
    – Plugins support
    – Overlay support (DX9/11/OpenGL)
    – Steam Workshop partial support

Smartsteamemu 143


    – Microsoft(R) Visual C++ 2010 Runtime (x86)
    – .NET Framework 4 (SSELauncher only)
    – Steam games

Smartsteamemu Launcher

How to use:

Steam Emulator Download

    – Extract all files to game directory or any directory.
    – Open SmartSteamEmu.ini and edit as neccessary.
    – Launch SmartSteamLauncher.exe and not the game executable.
    – To use different configuration file, add configuration file path
    to launcher parameter.

Smartsteamemu Launcher Download

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