Seagate Firmware Repair Tool

Latest news: DFL-SRP USB3.0 For Firmware Repair will be shipped to users instead of DFL-FRP.

Seagate Firmware Repair is a software solution that is specialized on recovering your Seagate Barracuda VII drives by repairing any firmware issues (as its name clearly suggests) that they might. Seagate Direct & Suppliers. For older versions of this software, see our Legacy SeaTools page. Download the SeaTools for Windows file. Once the download starts, you will be prompted to either run the application, save the application or cancel the download. Click the Save button to save the application. Starting to Use Seagate HDD Firmware Repair Tool DFL-ST II.

DFL-FRP=DFL-Firmware Repair Plus

DFL-FRP firmware repair tool is one powerful firmware repair tool working on three hard drives at the same time, two SATA and 1 IDE, both 2.5 and 3.5 hard drives.

DFL-FRP Firmware repair tool is one USB3.0 innovative firmware repair tool specially repairing firmware failures, updating firmware, removing passwords, resetting smart, editing HDD ID and it can be used for both data recovery purpose or hard drive refurbishing purpose.

This is one very flexible Firmware Repair Hardware Tool

Users can select any single hdd brand working with this hardware, two hdd brands working with this hardware, three hdd brands…and even all hdd brands. Price changes based on the number of supported hdd brands; Users can also select multiple hardware for the same hdd brand or for multiple hdd brands. Users can always save best for the real needs, not spending one cent extra for something not needed.

Three independent working channels-Two SATA and one IDE

News: Right now if users purchase DFL-WDII, we will ship to clients with this new hardware supporting WD only.

Video Demo Of DFL-FRP For Seagate

Video Demo Of DFL-FRP For Western Digital

Video Demo Of DFL-FRP For Hitachi/IBM

Unboxing of DFL-FRP HDD Repair Tool

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SeaTools is a program used to diagnose and test the performance of Seagate and Maxtor hard drives. You should use this utility if you've detected failures and problems in your HDD operation or you want to check your device current state.


What is suitable for the testing:

  • SCSI, PATA and SATA internal hard drives;
  • external hard drives connected via a USB or FireWire.

SeaTools versions: for Windows and DOS

There are two versions of SeaTools:

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SeaTools for Windows:

Mtk flash tool for mac os. How to Use: If you want to learn to use MTK Flash Tool, then Follow Page. Compatibility: MTK Flash Tool for Windows is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (32 or 64 bit computer).

  • with a graphical interface
  • and the program is available only for Windows

SeaTools for DOS:

  • command line utility which runs under DOS
  • and can also be used with any Windows version,
  • it's pretty convenient to launch it from a boot disk in order to restore your HDD performance (we've already told you how to burn such disk)

Despite the fact that the DOS version of SeaTools has more capabilities, in this review we'll discuss the GUI version of the program for Windows 10.

Where you can download SeaTools from

For safety reasons it's better to download SeaTools from the official website in 'Downloads' section at the link SeaTools for Windows.


3 main features of SeaTools

The main purpose of SeaTools utility is to detect errors in your hard drive performance and find out whether it should be replaced on a warranty.

Tests are provided in order to check the current state. As a result of it, detailed information on its performance and the status of each test is displayed.

One of such tests is Acoustic Test which allows you to detect problems, if your hard drive makes suspicious sounds. For such purpose SeaTools accelerates and stops an HDD so that you can hear how it works and check if it makes “unhealthy” noise.

Another feature is the repair of bad sectors on SATA hard drives and external USB flash drives. If bad sectors are found after testing, not only SeaTools will display errors, but it will also offer you to fix them (replace the damaged blocks with backup ones). Thus, this bad sector will no longer be used by your operating system.

We should also highlight the reading of SMART-attributes. SeaTools reports on the status of your HDD as well as on the characteristics of your drive. This information will be useful for checking the status of your hard drive.

Dfl-srp Usb3.0 Seagate Firmware Repair Tool

Conclusion. SeaTools is an effective and free tool which will be useful for diagnosing and monitoring your HDD status. It's wise to use this program at least occasionally in order to prevent a sudden disk failure along with a loss of data.

Seagate Disk Repair Tool

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