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Released: Sep 25th, 2019

The following describes the bug fixes in RapidMiner Studio 9.4.1:

New Features

  • Model Ops: new view in Studio which allows to deploy and manage models
    • One-click deployment makes model deployment do-able for anyone of any skill level
    • Organize models in deployments across multiple locations
    • Share models with other users
    • Simple and robust scoring options for your models
    • Model leaderboards display performance of champion and challenger models in real-time
    • Advanced visualizations help you understand performance and business impact
    • Monitoring and alerts prevent model drift and bias
    • Integrations and governance features help you with model web services and explain how the models are being used
  • Auto Model: highlight models with largest profits and business impact
  • Added new connection type Mail (send) that replaces the mail configuration in the settings
  • Used new mail connections in Send Mail and Root operator


  • Improved runtime of the Random Forest operator when using least squares in a regression scenario.
  • Added parameter to Stacking operator that allows to train the stacked model on the confidence values of the base learners.
  • Result tabs no longer switch positions if more than one row of results is displayed.
  • Time Series: Added log values to the Sliding Window Validation operator
  • Time Series: Added UserErros for STL Decomposition operator in case the input data has missing or infinite values


  • Fixed yet another problem that could lead to RapidMiner Studio starting with a size of 0x0 pixels on OS X
  • Visualizations: Fixed y axis max value setting sometimes being ignored when more than one y axis was present
  • Improved errors in case of many attributes for the Correlation Matrix operator.
  • Time Series: Fixed (made it consistent) the order of models in the Multi Label Model and the order of performances in the collection output of the Multi Label Performance operator
  • Time Series: Fixed meta data of Process Windows output ports (now output is correctly recognized as a collection)


  • Faulty listeners for Studio preference changes no longer prevent subsequent listeners from getting informed in case of an exception in the previous listener

A great data mining application that allows you to import data from multiple sources and create complex analysis models in order to understand data trends

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What's new in RapidMiner Studio 9.8.1:

  • New Features:
  • Added new operators to delete data from Azure Cloud:
  • Delete Azure Blob Storage Resource
  • Delete Azure Data Lake Storage Resource
Read the full changelog

RapidMiner Studio is a Java based application designed to provide you with multiple tools for data analysis tasks. The program can help you browse through the data and create models in order to easily identify trends.

When you are dealing with a large databases, identifying the connection between two events can be difficult or even impossible. Since there are multiple businesses who rely on the available information to make important decisions, data analysts are using specialized applications to visualize and understand the data.

This program aims to provide you with an intuitive and effective tool for analyzing data from multiple sources. As a result, RapidMiner Studio allows you to load the required information from plain text files, Office documents or even database servers such as Oracle, MySQL or PostgreSQL.

In order to start an analysis you need to create a process and import the data from an external file or database. The included wizard allows you to specify the data range and detects duplicate data in order to prevent errors.

The Operators panel enables you to select the tool that you need to use and drop it on the main process window. Here you can visually arrange the desired tools, connect multiple operators and specify the execution order before starting the analysis.

If you are not a data analyst, the number of data transformation, visualization and modelling tools might seem overwhelming. /ms-office-tamil-font-download-8034/. However, the program provides you with multiple tutorials and an extensive online documentation in order to help you access the tools that you need.

You can also start by using one of the available templates and sample files in order to understand the basic functions. As the results of the analysis need to be shared with other users, the program includes a wide range of exporting options.

To sum up, RapidMiner Studio is an efficient solution for the analists who need to visualize and understand complex data.

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RapidMiner Studio was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
  • Limited to 10000 data rows
  • Limited to 1 logical processor
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RapidMiner Studio 9.8.1

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