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Initial release3 February 2010; 11 years ago[1]
Stable release
Written inJava, Python
Operating systemWindows, macOS, Linux
Size174-454 MB
TypeIntegrated development environment
LicenseCommercial, Freemium (open source parts are under Apache License)
PyCharm Edu
Initial release30 October 2014; 6 years ago[3]
Stable release
2020.2.1 (Build: 202.6948.82) / 27 August 2020; 6 months ago[4]
Written inJava, Python
Operating systemWindows, macOS, Linux
Size150~176 MB
TypeIntegrated development environment
LicenseApache License

PyCharm is an integrated development environment (IDE) used in computer programming, specifically for the Python language. It is developed by the Czech company JetBrains.[5] It provides code analysis, a graphical debugger, an integrated unit tester, integration with version control systems (VCSes), and supports web development with Django as well as data science with Anaconda.[6]

PyCharm is cross-platform, with Windows, macOS and Linux versions. The Community Edition is released under the Apache License,[7] and there is also Professional Edition with extra features – released under a proprietary license.


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  • Coding assistance and analysis, with code completion, syntax and error highlighting, linter integration, and quick fixes
  • Project and code navigation: specialized project views, file structure views and quick jumping between files, classes, methods and usages
  • Python refactoring: includes rename, extract method, introduce variable, introduce constant, pull up, push down and others
  • Support for web frameworks: Django, web2py and Flask [professional edition only][8]
  • Integrated Python debugger
  • Integrated unit testing, with line-by-line code coverage
  • Google App Engine Python development [professional edition only]
  • Version control integration: unified user interface for Mercurial, Git, Subversion, Perforce and CVS with change lists and merge
  • Support for scientific tools like matplotlib, numpy and scipy [professional edition only][9]

It competes mainly with a number of other Python-oriented IDEs, including Eclipse's PyDev, and the more broadly focused Komodo IDE.


PyCharm provides an API so that developers can write their own plugins to extend PyCharm features. Several plugins from other JetBrains IDE also work with PyCharm. There are more than 1000 plugins which are compatible with PyCharm.[10]


The beta version was released in July 2010, with the 1.0 arriving 3 months later. Version 2.0 was released on 13 December 2011, version 3.0 on 24 September 2013, and version 4.0 on 19 November 2014.[11]

PyCharm Community Edition, the open source version of PyCharm, became available on 22 October 2013.[7]


  • PyCharm Professional Edition has several license options, which differ in their features,[12] price, and terms of use.[13]
  • PyCharm Professional Edition is free for open source projects and for some educational uses.[13]
  • An Academic license is discounted or free.[14][15]
  • PyCharm Community Edition is distributed under Apache 2 license, with full source code available on GitHub.[16]

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What is the cost breakdown of Development Tools Platforms implementation?

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What are the typical Development Tools Platforms pricing models?

There are primarily three common pricing models – Perpetual License, Subscription, and Commercial open source.
  • Subscription/Software-As-A-Service: - Relevant for JetBrains PyCharm
    Under this pricing model, the system is accessed over the Internet, as opposed to installed on-premises. The payment is made either on a per user basis or subscription basis. Ideally, customers are required to pay a recurring monthly fee until a specific period for using the tool. Subscription pricing model is more common with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps.
  • Upfront cost for customization and integration is less compared to perpetual license cost because there is not much flexibility with SaaS systems in this area.
  • Recurring cost is greater as customers are required to make monthly payments as subscription fee. Additionally customers using premium support services must pay an extra fee.
  • All in all, the total cost of ownership in the both cases is almost the same and may span over a period of 7-10 years, though you may have to pay a higher perpetual license fee upfront. The total cost may vary from starter to mid range to enterprise level apps in both cases.
  • Perpetual license: - Relevant for JetBrains PyCharm
    A common pricing model for on-premise applications, perpetual license requires a customer to pay an upfront sum to own the tool or other intellectual property on-premises for a fixed term.
  • Upfront cost involves the fee for installation, customization, integration with existing systems, besides perpetual license fee.
  • Recurring cost is low in this pricing model and may include cost for updates, maintenance, upgrades, and patches. Some vendors do offer premium support services, which come for an extra price.
  • Commercial open source: Not relevant for JetBrains PyCharm
    The customer can acquire the system free of cost without having to incur any upfront license fee. As a customer, you’re solely responsible for the ongoing maintenance, upgrading, customization, and troubleshooting of the application to meet your specific needs. You are on your own for providing end-user support, since you are not locked in with a vendor-supplied system solution.

How much it would cost to customize JetBrains PyCharm? (and is it relevant)

If you need specific features in your system catering to your specific business requirements, the vendor will charge customization cost, depending on your needs and feature requirement. Ideally customization cost is more complex to calculate compared to licensing cost.
Some apps allow you to easily combine data from multiple sources, without any complicated query requirements, while some others can be embedded into different applications to provide enhanced reporting. If you seek products that support customizable dashboards and predictive analysis to identity possible trends and facilitate decision making, you may have to pay higher for all the customization features.

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Additionally, the following factors may affect the cost of customization:
  • User interface changes
  • Configurable dashboards
  • Data elements required for tracking
  • Forms to collect additional data
  • Dashboard, management and operational reports that are needed.
  • Workflows and how complex they are.
  • Forms to collect additional data.
Here are some questions to answer: How much customization is needed? How many system you want to integrate to? Does your company work like industry standars or has it's own customize processes? What kind of special reports are needed?

In order to calculate the cost of customization you can use the following estimates:

  • Minimal customization - integrate with 1-2 systems: $2,500
  • Standard customization - integrate with 3-5 systems: $10,000
  • Fully customized system - integrate with more than 5 systems: $25,000

Cost of data migration when migrating to JetBrains PyCharm? Relevant for JetBrains PyCharm

Most companies opt for data migration services from a vendor, which raises the cost of product ownership. If you choose to transfer data on your own, you can avoid paying the cost of data migration.
Data migration cost depends on the amount of data to be transferred, your current software, availability of migration tools, complexity of data, and gaps between the existing system and the new system.

Pycharm Professional License Key

If your data is stored in excel spreadsheets, then it may incur you a lot of time and money to migrate data from excel.
By involving a business services provider in data migration, you are asking them to offer additional services, for which you may have to pay extra.

As a rule of thumb the cost of data migration depents on how many records you want to migrate. Records can include number of Customers, invoices, financial transactions, products, versions, etc. Here is a list you can use as a rule of thumb:

  • 1,000 records: $500
  • 10,000 records: $2,500
  • 100,000 records: $10,000
  • 1,000,000+ records: $25,000

What is the cost of training for JetBrains PyCharm? Relevant for JetBrains PyCharm

As a buyer, you are required to pay extra for in-person training, though some vendors offer web-based solutions as part of the package. the cost may involve end-user training, video/self, group, department, and train the super users.
The cost is mainly derived from the approach that you select for your organization:
  • End-user training
  • Group/Department
  • Video /self
  • Train the trainer/super user

Here are some questions to answer: How many groups (different departments, usages, type of users) are needed?

In order to calculate the cost you can use the following estimates:

Pycharm Professional License Key

  • 1-2 Sessions: $500
  • 3-4 Sessions: $1,500
  • 5-7 Sessions: $2,500
  • 8-10 Sessions: $5,000

How JetBrains PyCharm pricing compared to alternarive Development Tools Platforms solutions?

When comparing JetBrains PyCharm to alternative systems, on a scale between 1 to 10 JetBrains PyCharm is rated 4.2, which is similar to the average Development Tools Platforms cost.

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