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MOBDRO – The Pocket Television App


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App Version1.1.0
Minimum RequirementAndroid 4.1 and up.
Operating SystemAndroid
File Size7.6 MB
File Type.APK
Last UpdatedJanuary 28th, 2021

About Mobdro App

As the name already signifies, MobdroAutocad 2018 serial number keygen for mac. is the best portable video streaming service of the time. It is available on Android, iOS and Windows desktops and laptops, and is for absolutely free of cost. It comes as an app service that runs well on each and every smartphone and tablet. Mobdro APK has an advanced algorithm that searches for free streaming content across the web and brings it to your phone. Just be sure that you have a decent internet connection and it will work just fine. The application is so advanced that it recognises your viewing pattern and tries to show you content that suits you. Thus, no need to go on a random video streaming spree when Mobdro APP has you covered.

Kindly note that you won’t find Mobdro on any other major application market or store. It is a third-party app that was taken down from app stores since it did not comply with some standards. Anyway, you can download it for free from the link provided. The overall downloading and installation process is quite easy for each and every device. There will be detailed sections of Mobdro on each and every popular platform, so be sure to read it entirely. Talking about users, Mobdro has more than 100 million users (60 million from Android alone) worldwide. Due to this, it has managed to get an uber-active community that is forever ready to help/assist if need arises.

Mobdro even has support for offline content. This means that users can download movies offline for later viewing. It was a welcomed feature and the community loved it very much. You can also download each and every television show for free. It does not require any torrent type of third-party engine to download anything. All you need is some storage space and a decent internet connection. Users can download as many videos for free with this app. There is no limitation on the number of downloads that one can perform with it. Furthermore, you can also share the downloaded videos with apps like SHAREit and Xender (even Bluetooth).

There are genres and categories to choose from. You will literally feel like you are using a pocket TV whenever you use Mobdro. It has on-demand viewing that is limitless. The admins are very generous and make sure to add at least 20 new movie, shows and cartoons to this app every month. This is a welcomed feature as it makes the community really happy. You can literally stream great quality videos with this app for free. It can go as high as 1080p (Full HD) without consuming much of the internet data of yours.

Once you start using Mobdro, you will never look back. This app is highly addictive and ridiculously good. It is due to this that more than 100 million users love to use it. You literally get the IMDb top listed content over here for absolutely free. Every single popular movie (be it new or an old classic) is available over here. There is even no signing up process that takes up hours and hours oftentimes. It is more of a plug and play kind of an app that needs an active internet connection and a device to run on.


  • It is free from micro-transactions. This feature of Mobdro is loved by all as it is free to use and there are no hidden monetary options. You get access to each and every single feature without having to spend any penny. Thus, all of the content on this app is available for every user for free. Users can enjoy hundreds of hours of content in great quality. Also, no need to worry about your mobile data as there is even an advanced video compression. With this feature, you even save a lot of internet data.
  • There are no ads as well, which provide a seamless overall experience. The lack of ads ensure a hassle-free and a free from hindrance streaming experience. These ads range from pop-up ads to the ones that get loaded while surfing through different sections of the app. No need to worry as you won’t be seeing any ads whatsoever. A lot of times, these ads can carry viruses and may harm your device. However, since there are no ads in Mobdro, there is no way that you can encounter a virus with this app.
  • Mobdro is super easy to use, thanks to its minuscule interface. It is free from bloatwares and viruses. Due to this, hardly does it crash or lag. Just be sure to have a decent internet connection at all times in order to get the most out of it. There are no unnecessary transitions that take up GPU usage. This in turn causes devices to lag and thus, this feature is not present in the app. Instead, you get an overall clean looking kernel that is void of every kind of nuance.
  • There are proper menus and options that can be really beneficial for everybody. Users can easily navigate through different sections and even manually search for movies, shows and more. You can literally watch anything on Mobdro for free. Movie fanatics can rejoice as the movie collection on this app is huge. It is just like watching TV, but on a smaller screen. Basically, it makes your smartphone and tablet into a mini (smart) TV. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can do wonders with Mobdro.
  • Mobdro promises to provide a best in-class mobile TV experience. It is better than each and every one of its competitor out there. Users can even stream live TV with the help of this app. Yes, all those live sports channels, news channels and even exclusive programmes can be streamed with it without a sweat. People can watch/stream live football games easily as well stream live cricket as well. With all the leagues and cups coming up, sports fanatics will have a feast with Mobdro.
  • Users can even avail a premium version of this app known as Mobdro Premium. People who want to stream their movies on TVs and all, you will love this feature. Those of you who have Chromecast, you can cast this app on your TVs for free. This means that you do not need a smart TV in order to make your TVs smart. All you need is a casting device, like Google’s Chromecast and Mobdro will do the rest. It ensures that you get a smart TV like experience even on a non-smart LCD/LED TV. Just be sure that you have casting device and you will be good to go. We have a dedicated step by step guide on Mobdro on Chromecast, do check it out.
  • Stream great quality movies, shows and videos with Mobdro for free. Just like Cartoon HD, This too can stream 1080p (Full HD) videos easily. You can either download these videos or can stream them online. Since there are no software bloats available, you can enjoy a seamless experience overall. The app gets timely updated, just like the content that it provides. You get a TV-like experience with this app as long as the internet is subtle enough. There is no need to register in order to use Mobdro as well. You get to choose the video quality and also change it as per your requirement.

Download Mobdro

Mobdro was first released for Android smartphones and tablets in 2017. It was earlier a simple movie streaming app that was unstable. But with the passing of time, the app has become amazing. Each and every single feature has been especially curated to make Android users fall in love with it. With a bloatware-free interface and a clean to use kernel, it has become a sensational app of the time. It runs extremely well on each and every smartphone and tablet (as long as there is Android 4.0.4+). Mobdro is far better in terms of its features and in-app experience than Cartoon HD and others. If you have an Android smartphone or tablet then not having this app is surely a sin.

Looking for a guide on How to Install Mobdro on Firestick? If yes, Click HERE.

It will keep your device safe since it does not contain viruses. A number of people regard it as the finest video downloading app of the time. There are over a few hundred awesome features present in Mobdro. A lot of them have been already discussed. Some Android exclusives include – a dark mode theme, fast video downloader, and a premium mode. The dark mode is really popular these days and AMOLED screen devices work best with it. It even reduces strain on eyes for those who watch movies for long hours. About the video downloader, you can download almost every single internet video with Mobdro. This includes plenty of movies, cartoons, anime, shows and more.

You can discover videos from around the world. While running this app, it literally feels like you’re watching a world television. There is so much diversity to choose from and so much content to watch. Forget movies, the live TV is perhaps the best feature of the Mobdro app. You can also bookmark your favourite content and easily watch it whenever you want to. It keeps the user history handy for quick viewing. Capture every single moment from your favourite show, movie or even sport with the downloading feature. You can also share this moment on your Facebook or WhatsApp without any hassles.

Bilingual people can rejoice as it comes in a variety of different languages. So, you can either stick to English or choose from twelve different languages from around the world. The entire interface along with the content that is displayed can get their language changed. Thus, it is your content on your pocket TV app, such is the level of customization on Mobdro. You should definitely use this app is you still haven’t on your Android devices. Installing it is a very easy task and users should perform side-loading in order to get it on their Android devices. Below mentioned are the steps necessary for side-loading so read on. And also after the downloading and installation process is completed, you might face some errors which can fixed easily fixed. We have a dedicated Mobdro Not Working How to Fix page. Head over head for common errors you might encounter while using Mobdro and their simple fixes.

for Android

  • Download Mobdro on your Android devices using the provided link. It will get saved on a secure location (i.e. Downloads folder).
  • It is advised that you put your smartphone/tablet on Airplane Mode before commencing with the installation part.
  • Go to Settings à Device Security Settings à You need to enable ‘Unknown Sources’ option.
  • After that open the Downloads folder (using a file manager: Internal Storage > Downloads).
  • Open the APK file and the tap on ‘Install’.
  • Tap on ‘I Accept’ and the installation should start.
  • Once it gets completed, you can turn Airplane Mode off.
  • Voila, you just installed the best streaming/downloading app on your Android device.

For iOS

As of yet, this app is not available for iOS devices. iOS users can enjoy using similar apps on their devices (for free). There are IPA versions of a lot of similar apps for every single iPhone or iPad user out there. The best thing is that you need not have a jail-breaked iPhone in order to run or install it. The features are somewhat similar to that of Mobdro on Android. These apps are just awesome. Those of you who cannot wait, well, good news for them. The makers of Mobdro are coming up with an IPA version of this app soon. So, stay tuned and you will find this app for iOS one fortunate day! You can find similar apps like – Hotstar, Popcorn Time, Air Playit and even Cartoon HD for a similar experience.

How to install Apps on iOS devices?

  • First and foremost, you need to download the IPA file for the app from the link provided.
  • After that you need to put your iPhone/iPhone on Airplane Mode.
  • Go to your device’s Settings à General Settings à Date and Time Settings.
  • Change the date to January 1, 2017 before you start off with the installation process.
  • After that you can install the app.
  • It will show you some EULAs and once you accept those, the installation would start.
  • After it gets installed, be sure to turn off the Airplane Mode.
  • Enjoy!

For Windows/MAC

There is no direct executable file for this app on Windows and Mac. But, there are always alternate ways of running it. For instance, you can do so with the help of BlueStacks. For those of you who don’t know what BlueStacks is, it is an Android emulator for Mac and Windows laptops/desktops. What it does is that it creates an AVM (Android Virtual Machine) that can run Android apps easily. However, you need to have a system that meets with the minimum requirements. Anyway, Mobdro on Windows/Mac has similar features just like its Android sibling. It is easy to use and there are no software bloats present here as well.

Since computers are way more powerful than smartphones (and tablets), this app runs so well on them. Each and every transition, the overall interface and the overall performance is just amazing. Basically, you will never be bored with Mobdro and its amazing features. No need to subscribe to different video-on-demand services as Mobdro promises to give you amazing content at all times. Just like BlueStacks, this app is also equally safe and secure to use. In no way does it deploy a virus or try to steal your information. It is clean to use and is free from heavy memory consuming bloats too.

The interface is similar to all the different operating systems. There is minuscule visibility and there are no popups or malicious ads running in the background. With a small size and splendid features, Mobdro has managed to become the best content streaming/downloading app. The features are common to each and every version of this app. We all know how difficult it is to watch free movies on Windows. The internet is full of click-baits and the websites contain viruses (most of them).

Special shout-out to Mobdro when other channels were not streaming UEFA Champions League. It is here where most of the users watched (on Sky Sports) it for free. Apps like Hotstar and SonyLIV charge thousands of bucks but such is not the case with Mobdro. You get a seamless experience where you can stream a lot of movies and download a lot of series for free. You can even enjoy the built-in games on this app for free. BlueStacks runs everything Android easily and without any issue. The app is overall great and a delight to use.

Install Mobdro using BlueStacks

  • Download and install BlueStacks from
  • After that download the APK file from the list provided in the website.
  • Open BlueStacks and go to the Install APK option.
  • Search for the APK file on your desktop and open it.
  • It will get installed in no time.
  • You can run it easily on your Windows laptops or desktops once it gets installed.

List of Categories Available on Mobdro

Mobdro has a clean looking and bloatware-free interface. It is due to this that there are literally no lags in this app and it never crashes. Software bloats (or bloatwares) are those useless elements that take up extra memory (RAM) and hence the device lags. Thankfully, you won’t be finding bloatwares over here. What you get is a clean and safe to use streaming app. Talking about the interface, you get a clean looking dashboard with contrasting red, dark grey and purple accents (just like the logo). There are the following categories that are displayed on the home screen of this app.

  • Channels – Similar to the channels category as found in TVs, here you can scroll through a list of different channels in lexicographic (alphabetical) order. You can literally find your favourite TV channel over here. Just be sure to have internet active at all times in order to enjoy uninterrupted streaming. The app even supports landscape mode so you literally feel like using a small TV whenever using it on your tablets. It is like using a visual remote controller to choose from a list of more than 5000 channels. Download Mobdro to stream amazing content with just a touch.
  • News – With Mobdro, you can stay connected to the outside world. People call TV the idiot box, but same isn’t the case with this app. You can watch world news whenever and wherever you want to. There are proper live news flashes and other important news that get broadcasted on this app. Be sure to check it out at the earliest and never lose another world news update. Popular news channels like – Al Jazeera, NDTV, ABC News, BBC World and more are broadcasted live.
  • Shows – This is what Mobdro is most famously known for. This category is what 80% of the users find the most appealing in this app. You get access to each and every single show on the internet with it. Users can stream the shows in great quality and even download them on their devices for free. Download this app today for an in-depth experience. You won’t ever miss out on another sitcom or series once you have it installed on your devices.
  • Movies – Yet another category that users love about this app. Over here you get access to thousands of movies (way more than Netflix or Hulu) for free. The quality ranges from 240p (low) to 1080p (very high, HD). Watching movies on Mobdro has its perks – there is a cinema-mode that darkens the borders to give a theatre-like feel. If you are watching it on a large screen then you will get the low-key theatre experience as well.
  • Sports – If you are an enthusiast of sports then you will have a gala time in using Mobdro. This app streams every single live sport like football, hockey, F1, Moto GP and even cricket and golf. Make sure that you check out each and every category for more (and also the features). Popular leagues like UEFA, T20 and more is available for live broadcast on this app.
  • Music – If you need a music app that can play or even download online music for free, no need to search anymore. You can download/stream high quality music (128 kbps to 320 kbps) with it as well. This means that there is also no need to download apps like Spotify or Amazon Music. Furthermore, it is absolutely free (no need to buy any subscription plan). Thus, it is a great apps for all the audiophiles out there. You will get a true 5.1 channel surround music experience.
  • Games – Just like Smart TVs, there are also games present in Mobdro. It has a dedicated games section that contains a number of Android games (for free). So, whenever you get bored from watching movies and shows (which is highly unlikely) be sure to check it out. It has some really good games that are just exuberant to play. You can also download their APKs on your Android devices. These games are always compatible with the Android devices and can be really challenging at times.
  • Other Options – These options include Quit, H/W Decoding, Updates, Language, Sorting and Parental Filter. The hardware decoder is handy whenever you are playing high quality videos that require that extra processing power. Updates contains all the new and latest updates and you can install them. You can also sort the lists in specific orders. Also, there is a parental filter that can help you hide channels and content that isn’t meant for younger audience. It allows users to set a PIN so that the content is accessible only after the correct PIN is entered.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is Mobdro?

Mobdro is a free to use app that allows users to stream movies, shows, sports, live TV for free. You can stream content anytime you feel like with this app. Just make sure that you have internet connected to it at all times.

  • What is Mobdro Premium?

It is a premium service that can be accessed for free with this app. You can unlock Mobdro Premium easily from inside the app. It has a lot of perks like – add-free experience, no pop-ups and content loads up quickly.

  • What is the subscription price?

Mobdro is free from any subscription fee. There are no plans like in Netflix or Hulu and you get the same content on every single device. Hence, it is free from micro-transactions of all type.

  • What is the video quality?

Users can stream up to 1080p (Full HD) content on this app (720p for live videos). These videos can either be streamed or downloaded without any issue. You can even share the downloaded videos on your device.

  • How many categories are available?

Mobdro has close to over six major categories. They range from – channels, news, shows, movies, sports and music. It is up to you if you want to stream online or to download content on your device.

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  • Can I run Mobdro on iOS devices?

No you cannot, as of yet. But there is an entire section that has similar apps listed. Do check it out.

  • Can I run Mobdro on Windows PCs and laptops?

Yes, you can with an Android emulator. All you need to do is to have BlueStacks and you are good to go. Check out the section where it has been explained thoroughly.

  • Are there viruses in Mobdro?

No, not at all. It is absolutely safe to use and free from any kind of virus or bug. You can use it without worrying even a wee bit.

  • Does it consume a lot of battery?

Running videos can use a tad bit of battery juice as your screen is turned on the entire time. However, you can reduce battery usage by lowering the screen brightness.

  • Does it consume a lot of mobile/internet data?

Mobdro for Android consumes way less internet data than every other of its competitor. It has Advanced Data Compression algorithm that compresses the videos so that they don’t use much internet. For instance, a minute of HD video on YouTube consumes 12MB, but the same video on Mobdro uses 8-9MB.

  • Will it work for non-rooted Android devices?

Of course it will. It is not a rooting app that requires SuperUser access. It is a simple and free to use streaming/downloading app that runs on rooted/non-rooted devices alike.

  • How many downloads have been done so far?

Mobdro has been downloaded more than 100 million times. The numbers increase every single day as people are downloading it every often. Be a part of the Mobdro family today.

  • Does it contain a web browser?

No, it does not. Mobdro is a simple video streaming app with which you can download videos as well (for free). The videos include movies, cartoons, shows, anime and even sports.

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  • What all resolutions are available to choose from?

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You can select resolutions from 240p all the way up to 1080p. This means that content can be streamed in Full HD as well (even downloaded as well). However, live TV content can be streamed only up to 720p in quality.

  • Do I need to have a super-fast internet connection in order to run Mobdro APK?

No, all you need is a 100 Kbps+ connection (below average) and you will be great to go. If you have a 4G LTE connection or a broadband based connection, you will be able to stream 1080p videos easily.

NOTE – We are an unofficial resource website and not associated with the company or any of it’s developer(s).

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