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Summary: The 2019 version of the Prestige Sports XMPRO treadmill is a smaller machine with a lot of extra features. What stands out from previous generations of this treadmill is the built-in speakers (with Bluetooth) and iPad holder. It does have incline which immediately puts.

Prestige Sports Xm Pro User Manual

Do All The Features Of XM-PRO III TREADMILL Come Together In A Positive Way?

The list of features in the specification for the XM-PRO III treadmill is quite extensive and there is plenty here to attract buyers searching for their first model.

At its core, this is a simple, user-friendly model designed for first timer with a top speed of 12kph, 3 incline setting, an LCD display and a folding design for storage.

It is sold as being “the UK’s Number 1 Professional Home Treadmill” with an additional “as seen in “Women’s Fitness” and “Health & Fitness” strap line. Does it really deserve this accolade?

What benefits have buyers mentioned in their reviews for this XM-PRO III folding treadmill?

Starting with the hardware, the basic elements of the belt, folding mechanism and strong handlebars are all great, but they are to be expected from the more basic machines. It is the extra details that have impressed users, such as the inclusion of the towel tail and the drinks holder.

It is an accommodating machine that helps newcomers to feel secure and confident enough to start their first run. It also has a decent construction. It is not the heaviest or most substantial of models, but it seems to be strong enough. There are also positive comments about the assembly as it was up and running in a short space of time.

When it comes to the computer system and other elements, buyers receive a basic console and computer system with 12 automatic programmes.

Prestige Sports Xm Pro User Manual

There are controls in the hand rails, including heart rate sensors, and a music system consisting of a built-in MP3 player with a phone/iPod dock. The basic data on the console should be beneficial enough to help the average user and the display seems to be easy enough to understand.

What problems have been highlighted by users of this XM-PRO III Treadmill?

The size of the treadmill is an issue for some. The poorly photoshopped sales image of the product and an unassociated runner suggest that this “space saving” model is much larger than it is. The running track measures 1100 x 400mm and some wonder if taller users may struggle with the stride length.

There are also issues with the computer settings – as there is no pause button – and the quality of the speakers. The latter is a bit of an issue because there are also some that feel as though the machine is a little noisy. It is not disruptive for apartment living, but it is not quiet either.

Summary: how do these issues effect a final recommendation for this XM-PROIII 12kph treadmill?

In the end, these drawbacks suggest that this is one of the those machine where designers threw everything at it to see what would stick – and not everything did. There is room for improvement with the console and it is not the highest quality option.

However, there are still plenty of buyers that are happy with their purchase. The XM-PRO treadmill still offers a decent at-home workout and is seen as a great starting point for a new home gym. With a better memory, larger belt and improved sound from both the speaker quality and noise produced , this could be the 5 star product it claims to be.


Prestige Sports Xm Pro User Manual Free

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Prestige Sports Xm-pro Iii Treadmill User Manual

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