Parrot Ck3100 Software Update

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Parrot CK3100 Advanced Bluetooth Car Kit – Support Forum

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Hi, I'm trying to update my CK3100 via bluetooth. I've activated the software update option In the advanced setup, but when I search on the laptop for the device its not shown. My laptop's bluetooth configuration is operating correctly, and the CK3100 pairs ok with my C500 phone. I'm running version 4.03 firmware. What can I do to fix this ? I've seen on the update utility that there's a serial option , is there a cable able to use instead of bluetooth ?

Ejecutamos el programa ParrotSoftwareupdateTool y en la primera ventana pulsamos directamente en siguiente ( solo es la primera ventana de bienvenida). En la siguiente ventana pulsamos en la parte de arriba para seleccionar los dispositivos de manos libres de Parrot. Y en la siguiente ventana elegimos el dispositivo CK3100. FilesParrot Flash Update WizardInternet Files path (please note that for a Bluetooth update, you will only need the.ulp file, as the.bin file is only for updates using a physical serial cable). Before you begin, download and install the Parrot Software Update Tool software. Make sure that your Bluetooth device is correctly installed on your computer (refer to its user guide for additional information). Updating the Parrot CK3100 by Bluetooth - Broadcomm / Microsoft stack Updating the Parrot CK3100 by Bluetooth - Toshiba stack. Title: ParrotUpdateDE Author: mw Created Date: 7/26/2006 1:53:51 PM.

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You need to pair the parrot and the computer first - go to control pannel - Bluetooth Devices - click '[email protected]; the computer will search and find the car kit which should be switched on - pair the devices. Then. Use the Parrot update facility with the car kit set to 'Update software' - the car kit will now be found.

Parrot Ck3100 Update

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I paired them and it still won't update the software. It fails at the first step of the software push. Any ideas?
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Early versions of the CK3100 cannont be updated via Bluetooth - but don't think 4.03 should be a problem. Try this: Remove drivers that came with Bluetooth adaptor & re-boot with dongle unplugged. After re-boot, re-insert dongle and let Win XP install native drivers, then run Parrot update again. IMPORTANT! When the firmware has downloaded do NOT remove power from the CK3100 until it has turned off AND re-booted itself - about 20 seconds. If power is removed during update process it can corrupt the bootloader programme and unit has to be returned to Parrot for re-flash. Tel: 01753-673500 email: [email protected]
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Hi i tried to update mine via BLuetooth but seemed to have the same problems as you. I later tried to do it using the Bluetooth and Virtual Conection option. This seemed to work for me. Follw this link, but i think you might have done allready copt and paste it.

Parrot Ck3100 Software Update Via Bluetooth

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