Look who’s coming BACK!

Guess who’s making their WAY BACK!? Yes! You read that right! @waybackburgersbrunei is opening their doors again from the 1st Day of Shawal!

So don’t forget to “langgar” them at their usual spot in Kiulap. They also have a contest to celebrate their comeback. Go check their Instagram for more info.

Opens 10am – 10pm. Bah, lakastah beraya di #waybackburgersbrunei!
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Sungkai at @myfavoureatkopitiam

Check out the comfy Sungkai venue at @myfavoureatkopitiam. The selection of Malay dishes feels homely and they provide a dedicated area for Solat too. Kids might get a treat of either cotton-candy or popcorn.
Their Sungkai buffet is $12.80 for adults and $5.90 for kids under 12yrs old and dishes are different every day. You also have the option to order from their menu and try their signature dishes like Sg. Liang Kuey Teow, Salted Egg Ayam Penyet and Chicken Chop Rice. .
See more photos of the buffet on our Facebook Page and also on @babusinur_official, @maurina and @gzulyusof IG.
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Sungkai at @kafekausar

The buffet at @kafekausar is quite underrated and has just the right spread of Indian and Sri Lankan cuisines. They even have Lamb Mandi on the menu, which is quite a treat for $12.80 for adults and $7 for children. Seats are limited, so do book your seats in advance.
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Sungkai @ Bann Nucha

If you’re looking for Indo-Thai Fusion Cuisine, look no further than @bann.nucha.bn. They’re well-known for their Tom Yum, Indomie Wagyu, Coke Chicken, Hati Buyah and a lot more.
Swipe left to find out more about their Sungkai set. And please book in advance, just walking-in without reservations is not a good idea at all.
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Make-your-own-bowl at @panandwok

Make-your-own-bowl at @panandwok’s new outlet at @onecity.brunei Shopping Centre. So many fresh ingredients to choose from that you’ll definitely find it hard what to have. The biggest challenge is to not get overboard like we did! They’re located on the ground floor and there’s only limited sitting area.
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Pastamania Brunei

If you’ve been meaning to try everything on @pastamania.brunei’s menu, you’re in luck!
Currently, they are having their School’s Out Mania, happening now until this 31st March. There’s 20% Off all Pasta & Pizza, including the Premium pasta and baked items. Don’t miss it!
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