Nt6 X Fast Installer Windows 8

Run Window 7 From USB Flash Drive
  • Nt6 X Fast Installer Download Ethernet controller driver xp. If you already have Windows 8, and you waited for the official release date, installing Windows 8.1 is as simple as visiting the Windows Store and downloading the free update. In both these cases, the upgrade process should be very smooth, with your apps and settings fully preserved.
  • On the other hand, the fastest way to install nt 6.x is imagex+bcdboot, e.g imagex f: sources install.wim 5 c: bcdboot c: windows /s c: bootsect /nt60 c: And no setup.exe is needed. Descargar

Hello to All…!! Again i am here to share some valuable information for you I hope, You have read my previous article on How to Run live Windows From USB Drive for reading it click here. Before start this article let me explain something, is of your interest. I have found lots of question on internet, forums, yahoo answers etc like that

is it Possible to run Windows 7 or 8 directly on pen drive? Pendrive easy to carry anywhere if we can install windows 7 or 8 on pendrive instead of hard disk then please let me know.

Before image 1 mount windows 7 or 8 iso file you can do it with daemon tools lite Link: Afther that follow image 2. Jan 9, 2018 - Here you can download free nt 6 x fast installer shared files found in our database: NT6.X fast installer 100103 2.rar. 07 silent installer zip. Nt6 Fast Installer Zip File.

So answer is Yes!! Yes we can do this by following some simple steps.

Nt6 X Fast Installer Windows 8.0

Any operating System such as Window xp/7/8, linux, unix, Mac OS can be installed on hard disk very easily but if we talk about USB drive or Pen Drive then there is some difference in its File Structure, Formatting etc because of this difference between hard disk and pen drives we can’t follow the same procedure as we often follow to install windows 7 on hard disk. So we need some tools to make pendive like hard disk.

Tools are listed below

  1. Daemon Tools
  2. NT6 x Fast Installer
  3. GetWaikTools
  4. Install RMPrepUSB Full 2.1.720

Download Link are here

Daemon Tools


Install RMPrepUSB Full 2.1.720

By using these tools we are going to make pendrive that behave like hard disk, A little size portable hard disk inside pendrive its sounds nice.

Here we need 16 gb USB 3.0 pendrive, windows cd/dvd or ISO file of windows and above mention tools. I am using windows 7 ISO file.

Daemon tools is a software that is often used to create ISO file from cd/dvd or vice versa. Here we will need either iso file of window 7 or 8 what ever version you want to use doesn’t matter or cd/dvd of windows. If you have cd/dvd of windows then you don’t need to use Daemon Tools, just insert windows cd/dvd into computer.

So let’s start it

Step 1: Insert Pendrive into computer

Insert Pendrive into computer

Step 2: Install and Run RMPrepUSB Tool

Download RMPrepUSB tool from above given link and unzip the folder then double click on exe file and install the software.

after installing run it and check that pendrive label is coming or not (See in below image).

Check Pendrive label

Then do the following

  1. Choose WinPEv2/WinPEv3/Vista/Win7bootable……. option from Bootloader Options.
  2. Choose NTFS and check the Boot as HDD option from Filesystem and Overrides options
  3. Click on Prepare Drive Button at bottom of the screen. (See the image below).

One pop up window will come, click on OK button again it will ask you to erase all data click on OK button again and wait to complete this action. It will take only few seconds to format the pendrive.

Click on Ok Button

Step 3: Download NT6.X Fast Installer

Download this tool from above link and after extracting the folder copy this folder inside a C: drive

Step 4: Run GetWaikTools

After downloading this tool from above link extract the folder and click on exe file to run it, after clicking you will see this screen

Unchecked both the option and choose Waik Tools for Windows 8 option and click on download button to start download.

Choose right option and download it

then choose the download location where to download this file i recommended Desktop as download location, click ok button then wait for few seconds until downloading is finished.

Step 5: Open Downloaded Folder

After downloading go to desktop where you will see Waik 4 folder, open it. Inside this you find two folder one is amd64 and seconds is x86.

if you are using 64 bit operating system then choose amd64 folder or if system is 32 bit then choose x86 folder.

open it and copy these three files named are bcdboot.exe, bootsect.exe, imagex.exe and paste it inside NT6.X Fast Installer folder under the drive C: that we have copied at starting.

Choose Above mentioned files

Step 6: Run Installer

inside NT6.X Fast Installer folder click on Installer file to run it then green window will come then click Enter then choose windows cd/dvd drive if you don’t have window cd/dvd then mount the ISO file of windows 7/8 using Daemons tools.

After mounting windows dvd frive will come then double click on windows dvd drive to go inside it then click on sources folder then choose install.wim file.

Choose Windows version

Step 7: Choose windows version you want to install

Step 8: Then it will ask to enter the drive letter of pendrive in my case my pendrive drive letter is L after submitting, it will again ask to enter drive letter of pendrive, enter L again.

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Step 9: Then it ask is L: a USB hard disk ? (Y/N) :

Enter yes then Press Enter to start the installation and wait to complete it

After completing you will get windows 7 installed in pendrive. Restart your computer and boot computer from pendrive and see the magic.

Note: Running and starting speed of windows from pendrive is always depends on pendrive speed so i recommended you to use USB 3.0 and Size should be 16 gb Minimum.

I hope you got your doubt cleared. If having any problem to execute then feel free to ask me, Just comment here.

Here is how to quickly add multiple Windows NT6/10 (Vista, 7, 8, 10, Server 2008/2012 etc.) sources and Ubuntu with persistence space to a USB disk.

1) If using the program for first time on this USB disk, select the auto-format option. Use FAT32 if you’d need to boot in UEFI mode.

2) Select the first NT6 source, it is expected as in ISO image file, here is an example with Windows 7 x64:

3) (Optional) In advanced options you could change folder and boot menu name, make Q-Dir File Explorer launch before start of Setup and add a folder with custom boot critical drivers to be loaded. The latter could be useful to load custom USB 3.0 drivers or SATA/AHCI/RAID ones.

Nt6 X Fast Installer Windows 8.1

For non-boot critical drivers, such as Wireless/WLan, LAN, Video or Sound drivers, a good idea is to use SAD (Stand Alone Driverpack utility), a proven and reliable solution from the DriverPacks team. More details about these options can be found in the FAQs.

4) (Optional) Add Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop with its own persistence space:

5) Press GO to start the process:

6) If the auto format option was selected, please do read carefully which disk is going to be reformatted, all data is going to be wiped out, the click OK on both dialogue boxes:

7) You can watch detailed progress of what is happening by selecting the Show Log option:

In a few minutes you will see Job Done message, the first two source have been transferred:

8) Now lets add another NT6 source, it would be Windows 8 Enterprise Eval x64, in the very same way as the first one. To preserve contents of the USB disk, make sure the auto-format option is not checked. Press GO and wait until process completes.:

9) Lets add yet another NT6 source, this time Server 2008 R2 x64, sequence is exactly as before:

10) Here is the boot menu once the system was booted from this USB disk:

Nt6 X Fast Installer Windows 8.1

11) To get persistence in Ubuntu, when the Live CD menu gets displayed hit the key to enter “Other Options”. This will display the arguments that the Live CD passes to the kernel. At the end of this argument list just add a space and add the word “persistent”. This will instruct the Live CD to maintain and use persistence.