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  1. Madness: Project Nexus – Flash Games Download – Overview Players who enjoyed watching the Madness flash animation series from Newgrounds and who also enjoyed playing Madness series related flash games will probably like to play this Madness: Project Nexus action flash game which is a shoot ’em up that feels like a beat ’em up with guns!
  2. Madness Project Nexus Mod (Made By johnsonMicheal) [email protected] Overview; Comments; Followers 6 Free. Madness Project Nexus Mod (Made By johnsonMicheal) Version: over 2 yearsago. IS mod OK nOt hacker imedit to cool. Download (25 MB) hey you can play original but you need Wifito playOriginaland 5/5(4).

NonEnoughMadness, a MADNESS: Project Nexus mod.

Madness: Project Nexus isn't made by me, it's made by Team Madness, which you can find on Facebook,, tumblr, 'Conference room of madness' discord server ( and twitter.

Check the mod in the Modifications-menu. Now the item “Weapon Switcher” will beadded to the Player-characters inventory. Uninstallation: 1. Unheck the mod in the Modifications-menu. Delete the file “Player” (with extention “.charScript”) in folder DivinityOriginal Sin 2 DefEd Data Public Shared Scripts 3. 🎮 welcome to modv7 of madness project nexus #shooter. I update Madness project Nexus: Modv7 now when you Download modv7 is not going to lag and not go to newgrounds you have now infinity ammo and infinity Magic bar Bullet-Time 1.5-B Quarters Ep1.5 deimos Switched to Mag Agent old version Delete.

Mod developed by XDefault and DarkSignal.

This mod adds a mod menu with many features, such as:

God mode, infinite ammo, spawn weapons, spawn characters, change characters, teleport between missions. change the size of your characer, find items which you wouldn't normally find in the shop, infinite money (optional), infinite exp (optional), change factions mid game (this allows for spectating npc battles!), and the biggest feature yet: CUSTOM CHARACTERS!!! yes!! :D You are able to hire them, spawn them and play as them in the entirety of the game.

Enjoy! :D

Updated 5 days ago
StatusIn development
CategoryGame mod
Tags3D, Dystopian, Isometric, madness-project-nexus, mod, Post-apocalyptic, Singleplayer, Top down shooter

Install instructions

1. Right click MADNESS: Project Nexus on steam

2. Click properties

3. Local files tab

4. Browse local files

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Madness Project Nexus Mod V8 Download

5. Replace the folders inside 'Madness Project Nexus_Data' with the ones i provided.

6. Enjoy! :D



Development log

  • Mod Update v11
    May 31, 2020


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