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To Download Fritzing FREE Software First you must know that Fritzing software is an interesting open-source initiative to support designers, artists, researchers, and hobbyists to work creatively with interactive electronics and develop electronic projects. Fritzing helps you learn more about electronic circuits, to document your projects, and even lets you prepare them for production.

Fritzing used to be a free to download community driven project but at some stage they introduced an enforced donation for downloading the appliction. However the source code still remains available to download at no cost, so we can use some freely available tools to turn the source code into a. Fedora aarch64 Official fritzing-0.9.2b-21.fc33.aarch64.rpm: Electronic Design Automation software; from prototype to product: Fedora armhfp Official fritzing-0.9.2b.

Vga graphics adapter driver download. Information on all packages for project fritzing. Summary: Electronic Design Automation software with a low entry barrier, suited for the needs of makers and hobbyists (mingw-w64).

Fritzing Software For Android Download

Download Fritzing FREE Software

Fritzing Free Online

It can be downloaded for Windows directly from:

Fritzing Views

Once you have to build your circuit on the breadboard you can start to transfer it to Fritzing which has 3 different project views:

  • the breadboard view is where virtual electronic components can be wired and placed on a virtual breadboard. Parts that do not exist can be created as well.
  • the schematic view is where the former representation of the schematic can be viewed and edited. Changes made in one view instantly affect all other views.
  • the PCB view allows you to place parts on a printed circuit board. An auto-router generates the traces and the final PCB layout can be exported to the necessary production formats.

Publishing and sharing your projects is easy with the built-in function. Additionally, the website offers learning material, tutorials, and the option to take part in the development of Fritzing.


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