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As we know, books we buy from Amazon are usually protected by Kindle DRM. So we can't read those Kindle books on a Non-Kindle eReader or Kindle app. What's worse, we can't even share Kindle books with families and friends. Though we have paid for our Kindle books, it seems we don't actually own them. It's really a pain for eBook lovers, right? But how can we solve this problem? In fact, the best way is to remove DRM from Kindle books. In this article, I will show you a free Kindle DRM Removal--Calibre Plugin, which can help us remove Kindle DRM with ease.

Free Kindle DRM Removal: Calibre DeDRM Plugin

Step 1. Install Calibre and DeDRM plugin

Before removing Kindle DRM with Calibre plugin, you need to install both Calibre and the DRM Removal Plugins successfully. If you have already done it, just skip this step.

Download: Calibre

Download: V6.6.3


This plugin will remove the DRM from
- Kindle ebooks (files from Kindle for Mac/PC* and eInk Kindles**).
- Barnes and Noble ePubs
- Adobe Digital Editions (v2.0.1***) ePubs (including Kobo and Google ePubs downloaded to ADE)
- Adobe Digital Editions (v2.0.1) PDFs
- Mobipocket ebooks
- eReader PDB books

Download Girlvania Serial Key File Adobe Elements 15 Serial Key Generator Adobe Audition Cs5.5 Serial Key Norton Internet Security 2018 Serial Key Picpick Screen Capture Serial Key Viking Conquest Serial Key Version 2.036 Rpg Maker Ac Lite Serial Key Free Drm Removal Serial Key. To check whether a book is protected with DRM. We can load the book to Calibre and try to open the book. If you can open the book directly, then it is DRM free. If it brings a DRM protection message “This book is DRMed.” then you have to remove the DRM first. DeDRM failure to remove DRM from rented book. Sold DRM content on their iTunes Store when it launched in 2003, but made music DRM-free after April 2007 and has been labeling all music as 'DRM-Free' since January 2009. The files still carry tags to identify the purchaser. Other works sold on iTunes such as apps, audiobooks, movies, and TV shows continue to be protected by DRM.

You can read the article Calibre DRM Removal Plugins if you don't know how to install the DeDRM plugin to Calibre. You can also watch the following video.

After installing them successfully, it's time to remove Kindle DRM.

Step 2. remove Kindle DRM With Calibre DeDRM Plugin

Kindle KFX eBooks downloaded via Kindle firmware 5.10.2 have been encrypted with a new DRM scheme, you may fail to remove this Kind of Kindle KFX DRM. Please follow Kindle Firmware Has Been Updated to 5.10.2 to get your Kindle KFX DRM removed. If your Kindle firmware is still not updated to 5.10.2, please stop Kindle update NOW!

If you download Kindle books via Kindle e-Ink reader, you can connect it with your computer with USB cable. Open Kindle drive, find Kindle documents folder, then just drag books there to Calibre.

If you don't have any Kindle devices, please install Kindle for PC/Mac, register it with your own Amazon account and double-click the cover of eBooks to download them to your computer. Then click 'Add books' to upload them to Calibre or just drag them to it.

Buy default, you will find your Kindle books stored on PC/Mac here:

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For Win:C:Usersyour computer user nameDocumentsMy Kindle Content

For Mac:/Users/Mac user name/Library/Containers/ Support/Kindle/My Kindle Content

If your books are synced via Kindle for PC/Mac, it will remove DRM automatically when you upload books.


Free Drm Removal Serial Key

1. If you want to remove Kindle DRM from Kindle books downloaded via Kindle device, such as Kindle Oasis, Kindle Voyage, Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Touch, the steps will be a little bit complicated. You can read this detailed part on How to Remove DRM from Kindle device with Calibre.

2. If you find your Kindle books still DRMed, please try to remove them from Calibre, then restart it and load the Kindle books more time.

A Much Better and Easier Way to Remove Kindle DRM

The above method with DeDRM plugin is a little bit difficult, right? Don't worry, I will share with you a simpler tool-Epubor Ultimate which is the best eBook DRM Removal and eBook Converter.For more details, please follow this complete guide--How to Remove Kindle DRM and Convert Kindle KFX Books.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free

key Features:

1. No need to install DRM Removal plugin.
2. Easier to use than Calibre with a much simpler interface.
3. Automatically detect your books and load them to the software. No need to manually add them by yourself.

As the image shows, Epubor Ultimate can automatically recognize all your existing books and display them all at the left column under the Kindle tab. Just drag them from the left to the right blank zone, then the Kindle DRM will be removed soon and fast. A far more easier way than Calibre DRM Removal plugins, righ? Just download it to give it a try!

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Free Drm Removal Serial Key Generator

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