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Howdy! Welcome to the very first post of Apk Loading. The aim of today’s article is to help you guys to improve your aim in 8 ball pool mod long lines 4.3.1. I’ll be explaining the difficulties of aiming and how to improve in no guideline room full power shots and long line aiming with our 8 ball pool long line hack (Aim Hack) mod apk. Below we have also written 10 tips to improve your 8 ball pool aim if you don’t want to use 8 ball pool long line hack mod apk.

Download latest 8 ball pool version 4.0.1 hack long line (long Aim) Mod Apk, Click on below download button please make sure you have uninstalled the play store game from your device. To install this mode you have to enable third-party app access in your device setting.

Before we do get into my top ten tips if there’s any question, you would like to ask me about 8 ball pool hacks version feel free to drop me a comment down below. I’ll do my best to answer all of your queries.

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10 Best 8 Ball Pool Long Line 4.3.1 (AIM Hacks) No Cheat (No Root)

Free Download 8 Ball Pool Hack Apk For Android Pc

Aiming in 8 ball pool is an intriguing subject of the game. Because as you know there are two tiers of room in 8 ball pool, you have the no guideline room such as Istanbul, and the standard guideline rooms which are probably the majority of the tables in the game. Now the 8 ball pool long line hack aiming is completely different in both of them for obvious reasons. I see time and time again people struggling with the transition between the two.

The very first tip is that practice makes perfect, no guideline rooms really take practice to get right. It’s really important that you feel comfortable in them before betting large amounts of coins. My advice would be to go to Istanbul table or into Beijing table and just bet 100 coins even if you have a lot of winning.

Because then you can practice with similar players who may also be struggling in their guideline room, and hopefully build up some confidence and gain that all-important experience needed. When I first played in a no guideline room. I think back in the day it was actually the wrong home and I was absolutely awful but after a bit of practice, I kept on learning and I really improved my game.

My number two tip to you guys is that power and the pace of the board are really really important with aiming. Where the pace that you play short is important. It can determine whether the ball goes in because if you haven’t got the 8 ball pool long line hack mod apk absolutely perfect. If the object ball is going to hit either of the knuckles of the pocket hitting it with too much power is going to increase the chance that you’re actually going to go missed a shot.

While you’re brushing up on your aiming, you’re getting better with the guideline. I was definitely trying to practice to hit as many shots as light as possible. A CV can do denials just using half power now another benefit of power is that it means that the white ball is also under control.

There are two benefits with moderating pace, so for our number 3 tip you guys will know about this one and that’s actually tilting the phone to see the guideline better, oh this is a bit of a funny subject because some people cough it is cheating but some people don’t care at all. I’m kind of in the middle for standard rooms. I don’t really need to tilt the phone.

Sometimes on a long shot on a no guideline table it may be necessary, just to tilt the phone a little just to see down the line of the shot. It’s just like in real life you wouldn’t play pool standing over the table you have to be down on the shore in line with the balls in the pocket. Here is How I do this.

To have the most accurate so for my number four tip. We’re going to talk about the positional play and once again that goes back to the power, that you hit a shot so like I said hitting shots lightly give you control of the white ball and I really do advise you guys to go on to the practice table. Try and make sure you can get a denial without any mistakes as many times in a row. Because if you can do that when you get those tricky chances you’re more likely to take them and able pool.


We have to remember is a really old game now it’s been out for years and years and the standard of play just keeps getting higher and higher. If you want to keep up you have to be able to take those chances and get those denials when you can.

So My number five tip, I do advise you guys to use the timer in the smartest way possible another thing that I do see quite often is that much 8 ball pool long line hack ashore. They don’t use the full amount of allotted time and if you’re really serious about playing the game. You do want to actually win the match you’re playing don’t take the shot until you’re sure that the board is going to go in. Because otherwise what’s the point of even playing it’s a bit of a cop-out and it just makes it more frustrating for you. It means you have to do more work in the long run if you want to build up coins.

My number six tip, I would say that shot selection is another really really important factor to make the Niles a lot easier. The correct shot selection means that you won’t have to do as much aiming and say you’re not very good at it taking a long shot the correct shot selection means that you can just go around the table take on the easiest balls one after another. Not leave yourself too many difficult shots.

I do play pro. I usually get lots of nice slick denials or in those theories. You’ll see that I’m not really taking on too many difficult forms. Once again you can relate it to real life so you look at snooker. You look at Ronnie O’Sullivan one of the best things about the way that he plays is that positional play is so good you actually never have to take on a very difficult shot. So if you can pay them to other snooker players they’re always running out of position having to play difficult low percentage shots. And That leads them to miss more often than he does the part of this genius lies in the fact that you can control the white ball manipulate the cue ball to wherever he wanted to be and at the same can be done in 8 ball pool.

So for my number seven tip, another thing that you guys can do is locate the shot that you would normally miss head over to the practice table. I just repeat that shot over and over again until you improve your strike rate so see you’re struggling with long shots in no guideline rooms and on to the practice table or just go into Istanbul or Beijing for 100 coins and set up long shots. Just keep on practicing until you improve your feel for the game.

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My number 8 tip, is actually really important and a lot of players underestimate this. That is the new guys to get to know the start of the Cue. I will advise you to not change your Cue for as long as possible. Because when you do that you have a new set of fat. The muscle memory that you’ve built up with the previous Cue you will now go away. You have to relearn a new Cue over again. I’m always changing up cues. I actually hardly ever play as good as I do with the inferno Cue because that’s the key that I played the most amount of matches with and at two or three years ago. When I just started playing the game.

I did actually get the Czar cue. I probably use that cue for around 10 months straight without changing a single time. It actually enabled me to build up a lot of coins and build up my confidence. Get better at the game so once again back to power.

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Free Download 8 Ball Pool Hack Apk For Android

My number 9 tip, I said before practice low power shots and maybe just use the beginner cue in the practice table and a try and see. If you can get as many denials as possible just for the beginner cue maybe even over using half power just wait for the shots to trickle in and obviously. It’s not as exciting it’s not fun ways to play but it will mean that you have a higher chance of getting a shot. Therefore your win percentage should improve.

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Our number 10 and final tip, I would suggest getting the best Cue you can possibly get the cash or points that you have in your account. Now obviously you don’t want to waste all of your coins. So if you can get hold of some cash and buy some premium Cue. If you’re at the low level it can really help you out because then you’ll have a higher chance against the other lower level players that we’re using weak tuned. So there we go, guys, I do advise you to practice your positional play practicing though guys living room to take your time with shots and try to stick with the same cue. Hopefully, you guys will like my 8 ball pool line hack tips and mod apk.