Free Bible Download For Android Without Internet

The Offline Holy Bible with offline audio in King James Bible (KJV) and New International Version (NIV) has been downloaded and installed by millions of believers around the world. It’s FREE, easy and a friendly way to read and listen to the whole Bible with no need of internet connection.

  • Dictionary Offline Free Free A truly offline dictionaries app allows you to browse up to 66 dictionaries for multi-language word definition and translation WITHOUT INTERNET CONNECTION.
  • Bible Offline is an app that, as its name indicates, lets you read the 'Word of God' without an Internet connection. Many other Bible apps do need a connection to use them. By default users can download the Bible in their own language, but you can also change it from within the app.

Touch Bible FREE is a free bible reader for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that works without an internet connection, includes an intelligent search, an easy & innovative way to lookup passages, and more!


Audio Bible features come to Touch Bible Free! Access the Bible, eye’s free as Touch Bible reads to you.

Time to Read

Your Apple Watch can control the Bible Reader feature from your wrist. You can select any book and chapter, pause and play, or just read right off your watch.

Verses Unplugged

Introducing Verses Unplugged. It means Touch Bible does not require the internet or data plans to read scripture! It includes 8 Bibles, pre-installed, ready to go.


Post a verse on Facebook. Just press a verse number to share some light! You can also email your study notes to friends, or even post them to Facebook. (Requires iOS 6 & iOS 7)


Accessing the Bible without a keyboard. “Dial-a-Verse” makes finding passages easy. Pick the exact version / book / chapter / verse combo right on the screen.


Shake Touch Bible with Dial-a-Verse open and watch it pick a random passage for you.


Touch Bible includes 10,000+ inline study notes in the New English Translation for free. Connected devices can find more study materials under the Extra button.

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Overview Features

Touch Bible is not a limited app. All of the following app features are fully functional:

  • Yearly Reading Plan in the Extras button
  • Voice Over – Touch Bible has features for Voice Over to read the Bible to the visually impaired.
  • Fast & intelligent keyword search with verse preview and OT and NT restrictions
  • Highlight verses – Use 4 Colors!
  • Readability – spread out words, adjustable font sizes
  • Bookmarks – Click the verse number and that verse is bookmarked for quick access later.
  • Set font sizes.
  • Switch to “Night Mode” for reading in low light situations.
  • Keep study notes, even while you read!
    – – Supports “margin notes” on verses.
Free bible download for android without internet

Translations & Study, Built In

Touch Bible has many fantastic english translations built in, including the incredible New English Translation and the trusted King James.

Eight Bibles *built in* include four Bibles in modern english, you’ll never need the internet to read from Touch Bible.


  • NET – New English Translation (modern english) with 10,000 study notes
  • KJV – King James Version
  • WEB – World English Bible
  • ASV – American Standard Version
  • YLT – Young’s Literal Translation
  • WBS – Webster’s Bible
  • DBY – Darby
  • BBE – Bible in Basic English

Take a powerful collection of bibles and study tools anywhere you go! Perfect free app for Missions to remote areas!

Touch Bible brings both modern and traditional english versions of the Bible, *works without* the internet, comes with free study resources and more!

Touch Bible will help you get more out of the Bible. It works great on phones and tablets. It is more than a Bible reader, it gives you tools to help you comprehend what you are reading.

You’ll love always having access to the following, wherever you go: Mercedes world racing download free.

  • New English Translation, King James, World English Bible and American Standard included
    –no internet required to read!
  • 11,000+ NET Bible study notes
  • Easy search, bookmarks, verse notes
  • An interface that is so simple you’ll be reading in no time
  • Keep your own notes
  • All of the above features work WITHOUT the internet.

More Benefits

Reading the Bible with Touch Bible is so convenient, you’ll probably find yourself reading the bible more often that you already do.

Touch Bible makes getting to scripture easy. It was made to be very easy to use. Here are a list of the features in Touch Bible that give you fast access to the bible:

  • Dial a Verse : Touch Bible’s way of looking up scripture FAST (See Screenshots)
  • Search : Very Fast & intelligent keyword search with verse preview & many search options
  • Bookmarks : Includes Verse Preview!
  • Readability : spread out words, adjustable font sizes
    –Night Mode : for reading in low light situations
  • Online Study : Thousands of articles on topics through out the Bible.
    — Feel richly blessed by the biblical knowledge others have passed down.


Touch Bible is not a watered down app. It is the full Bible, in your hands, with you wherever (even if the internet isn’t there) you go for free.

The New English Translation is a new high quality translation that even the NIV and ESV publishers referenced while compiling their own study bibles and new translations! The translation effort was a huge financial investment, but, driven by a heart of giving, offers it for free. You’ll love the readability and study content offered by the NET.

Audio Bible
It is recommended you verify text-to-speech works before you buy. Audio Bible features work on most devices out of the box, but there is no guarantee it will work on your device. It needs the free, 3rd party, “Google TTS” engine. Touch Bible does not offer support for 3rd party components or apps.

Touch Bible Makes it easy to get Text-to-Speech:

Check to see if TTS is installed – If you see “Google TTS” or PICO somewhere in your device’s settings, your device should be ready to read! Otherwise, Touch Bible will try to install it for you – but again there are no guarantees your device can support Google TTS. You can also try the guide at to manually install it.

Already installed on over 465 million unique devices all over the world, the Bible App offers a free Bible experience for smartphones, tablets, and online at

Our generous partners make it possible for us to offer 2,062 Bible versions in 1,372 languages for free, and without advertising.

The Bible App’s interface is available in more than 60 languages, allowing users to:

Read the Bible, or let Audio versions read the Bible to you.

Subscribe to Plans, daily portions of Scripture paired with devotional, audio, or video selections.

Grow your Prayer life, with Prayers you can keep private or invite Friends.

Add Bookmarks, Highlights, and private or public Notes to any verse in the Bible.

Compare versions to see how different translations of the Bible express a given passage.

Easily Share Bible passages on social media, in texts, or via email.

Create Verse Images, shareable Bible art that uses your own photos or our free background images.

Add Friends, helping you experience the Bible in community.

Read Bible Offline Free

Discover live church Events that may be taking place near you.

Many Bible App for Android and iOS features also work offline, including select Bibles that are available for download.

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