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In order to enjoy the app, follow those steps:

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  1. Install Overwolf and the app:
    • If you already have Overwolf, search for the app in the Appstore.
    • If you don't, download the bundle of Overwolf and the app here.
  2. Play League of Legends, and the app will auto launch for you when match begins and stats available.
  3. You can learn and advance even more using the app on Desktop, showing you much more than match stats.

Possible Issues

Overwolf apps for League of Legends help you play smarter with in-game stats, guides, build suggestions and LoL draft recommendations. League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena where teams of players compete for dominance, selecting from a growing cast of over 90 uniquely powerful champions. Over 32 million players each month play the game to engage in session-based, multiplayer battles against rival teams, with more than 12 million players enjoying League of.

Home Screen - Issues Message

  • Sometimes the app may prompt you that issues may affect its operation, or that it is not working for a short while.
  • Some issues are known and can be explained (such as LoL update with a new champ you can't see) and sometimes they are out of our control (Riot API is down).
  • When the app is down, it is usually for maintenance and improving your experience with it. Just try again a bit later.

App Is Not Launched When Game Starts

This may occur when either:

  • The app's auto launch setting is set to Off
  • The auto launch permission of the app is set to Off in the Store>Library>>Games>LoL
  • The Overlay for LoL is disabled in Overwolf's Settings > Games Overlay > League of Legends
  • The game mode is unsupported
  • The game you're playing isn't LoL

Endless Loading

When the game begins, and the loading screen just keeps loading endlessly.. Muvizu app download for android.

  • This may happen because of Overwolf launching AFTER the game/game client was launched. This flow doesn't allow Overwolf to acquire game stats.
  • Next time just launch Overwolf before you open the LoL client.
  • If problems persists, please send us details and logs through email or Discord in order to resolve this.

There Are No Stats For Players

  • Stats only appear AFTER a match begins.
    Wait patiently and the app will tell you when stats are available.
  • Unless it is a bug, you may not see stats (or see partial stats) when playing an unsupported game mode (see supported game modes here).

App Shows 'Error' Messages When Entering A Game

An error may occur due to the app's functionality, Overwolf's functionality or external reasons (such as internet connection or Riot API).

  • Close the app and try again. This fixes 90% of the problems.
  • If this continues, contact Support.

Not All Players Have Stats

  • If a player has no stats at all, this means that Riot's API is probably down or didn't provide information about the player.
  • If only some stats exist, then the player may not have stats in the selected queue, or the app could be malfunctioning.
    In that case, please submit a Support Request Form.

'Player Not Detected' Status - No Data

If any of these steps does not help and you still face issues, please submit a Support Request Form.

Hotkey Is Not Working

Try restarting the app and/or Overwolf.

Could Not Load Stats

Facecheck League Of Legends Download For Mac

Navigate to the League client settings and make sure this setting is unchecked:

More Information

Download Free League of Legends 11.1 for Mac

Compete in exciting 5v5 battles in the League of Legends action / strategy game (also called LoL). Not only is this game one of the MOBA prototypes, but it continues to offer a fantastic gaming experience as it is updated and improved every year.

Facecheck League Of Legends Download For Mac

The battles in League of Legends are – at least in the beginning – very simple: just destroy the enemy bases while defending your own. To increase your chances of winning, be sure to wait patiently as your members move towards the enemy towers and pay attention to the entire map, which is divided into three lanes where all the action takes place.

One of the best features of League of Legend is that it can choose from many characters. Each one has unique advantages and disadvantages that you need to consider when creating a team, as you will need a balanced team if you want to leave the battlefield victorious. And as new heroes are constantly being added, you will always be able to find a character that suits your tastes.

In addition to choosing the right heroes, you also need to choose the right items. Teamwork is vital in any League of Legends game, but equipping your team with the right weapons and armor can be just as important to winning the battle.

League of Legends one of the most remarkable MOBAs in the world of video games, not only for the traditional MOBA function but also for its new game: Teamfight Tactics, an automatic chess featuring LoL characters. Try it, create your team and destroy the enemy base!

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