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A Taiwanese hacker named Chang Chi-yuan had earlier this week promised to live-stream the deletion of Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook account, but Rosen said Facebook was 'not aware that that person.

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On the Internet, people search for “how to hack someones Facebook account password” and they found a lot of site claimed to hack or crack or steal the Facebook password for you. We do not need to cite here those sites but one thing you need to know: THEY ARE ALL FAKES!

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Some Ways To Learn How To Hack Facebook Account

Facebook currently is one of the popular social networking website that attracts the most internet users over the world. Facebook is an useful and effective tool for people to make friends, share emotional moments, keep contact with others and even hide private secret. So, finding a the best way to hack Facebook account is a hot topic with many people from various regions in the world. Surely, most of people do not know how to reach the goal; please read our post that offers you some ways to hack Facebook password.

“Why someone wants to hack my Facebook account while there is nothing valued there?”, you may asked.

Just think again, your harmless information on Facebook page can be a goldmine when they fall into the hands of wrong people. Cyber-crime now are more and more interested in personal info and moments shown on Facebookers’ profile. We feel free when sharing every aspects of lives with others online but now it’s high time to tighten our grip around our personal details on social world like Facebook.

Why Do People Want To Find A Way To Hack Facebook?

Before starting to learn to hack someones Facebook account, you need to figure out the reasons and incentive for the hack.

Your kids are on their Facebook all the time, being parents you will feel annoyed and worried about that. You are not able to know what they are doing with their social account, even if you cannot examine all activities of your kids via Internet. All your thought always make you feel uncomfortable and insecure, you want to do anything (even hack their Facebook account) to protect your children. Now the best solution for you is breaking (cracking) into his or her Facebook account. Only by this way (hack Facebook account) can you monitor what your child is doing on his or her Facebook account and then find the way to protect them. Keep watching your kids by hacking Facebook.

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Learn To Hack Facebook Account Password

In this article, we will show you few useful and possible ways of hacking Facebook account so that you can apply them to find the best method to protect your family as well as yourself.

Account Phishing

This is a method to break into someone’s Facebook account by using a Fake Facebook login page to record all information include email and password of the user. For instance, a hacker create a fake login Facebook page that is similar to the login Facebook site. If the users don’t take notice of something wrong on this type of page, they will enter all information (email, password) on, and then this page will save their information and send to the hacker’s email. It’s mean, the hacker has now successfully hacked the user’s Facebook account password! Don’t let him hack your own Facebook account: make sure to enter in your browser to login to your Facebook account, to avoid to be hacked!

Social Engineering

Hack Facebook Account Password

This method works by making use of relationships or making relationships with many people to get their belief. By harvesting these values, the hacker can cheat people to give him some security information which can help him to get the victim’s password. That’s an usually used way to hack Facebook account by most hackers in the world.


Hack Facebook Account Password, hack WhatsApp account

In implementing the plan of how to hack a Facebook password, a keystroke logger is often a vigilance tool which you can record the web or Facebook activity of your target subjects. But note that you cannot install keystroke logger to hack WhatsApp account because WhatsApp account can be hacked online only. This tool is obtainable by both hardware and software. Its effect is certificated by many users. See, people hack people’s Facebook! The today world is crazy :)!

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Hack by resetting Facebook password

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Using a Facebook hacking service online – How to hack Facebook password 2016 new update

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Feebhax Web is a web-based graphical user interface for our Feebhax Facebook hack tool. We've built this to make Feebhax accessible to more people.

How does it work?

Security is getting better at Facebook, but there are still quite a few exploits a Facebook hacker could use to gain access to an account.

For obvious reasons, we can't get into much detail here, but let's just say that we have a way to test billions of passwords every second until we find the right one.

To satisfy your curiosity, we can go as far as to say that Feebhax uses any subset of the following Facebook password hack techniques: brute force, advanced dictionary attack, rainbow tables, prehacked accounts.

The reason this works so well even in 2021 is entirely the fault of the users/victims. Most people use terrible passwords. Passwords that other people used as well, or that were compromised before. Most people also use the same password on multiple websites.

Every password that was ever hacked on any website, is included in the advanced dictionary. This already includes most of the accounts that are used on both Facebook and Instagram. Many of these dictionaries can be found all over the internet.

Facebook Profile Hack Scam

If the victim's password doesn't match any of the passwords in the 'dictionary', then various rulesets are used to create even more passwords from each password in the dictionary.

For example, if the word 'password' is included in the dictionary, using the rulesets many more passwords will be generated and tested. They might look like: 'pa$$word', 'pa$$v0rd', 'passvvord', 'Password', 'Pa$$v0rd.', 'pa$$word1', 'pa$$vord123', etc.

All of these are tested in a blink of an eye, thanks to tremendous processing power, and the sheer amount of GPUs on our peer-2-peer bot net.

How to hack a Facebook account?

Many people ask how to hack Facebook accounts. There only real answer is that there are many ways to hack a Facebook account. Most accounts of average everyday people can be hacked with Feebhax. The process is really simple since everything is already prepared, programmed, and maintained by us.

All you need to do is enter the username, id, or the profile URL of the account you want to hack into the tool. Depending on the strength of the password, it will usually take a few minutes to get the password.

If the victim uses a very strong password, chances are that Feebhax won't be able to crack the password, or that it will take a very very long time. In this case, other techniques will have to be applied to gain access to the target account.

These techniques cannot be automated and are not a part of Feebhax. Usually, these techniques require advanced programming and hacking knowledge, and usually involve tricking the victims to reveal their passwords themselves. For example, setting up a fake Facebook login page via phishing, or using a keylogger. These techniques can be very risky and have a higher chance of the hacker getting caught.

If you really want to hack a Facebook account, your best bet would be first trying to do so with Feebhax, because it is completely safe and anonymous, and free. If that doesn't work, you may try other techniques.

Bare in mind, that sometimes even when you hack a Facebook password, you may not be able to access an account if they use 2-factor authentication. After hacking a password, it is recommended to access the account from the same network the victim uses (for example: work/school/home network, etc.), so that Facebook doesn't ask for additional verification.

How to hack someone's Facebook account if they're using multi-factor authentication?

Multi-factor authentication is an authentication method in which the user is only allowed to log in after successfully providing at least two authentication factors. When it comes to accounts on online services and websites such as Facebook, the first factor is usually a password. And the second factor is an access code generated by authentication software that uses a security token provided only to the user by the service, and the current time to make unique one time access codes.

Therefore, to hack someone's Facebook account with multi-factor (two-factor) authentication, the hacker must posses both the password, and a way to generate the access codes. Since the second factor authentication software is in most cases hosted on a user's smartphone, having access to the victim's phone would be enough.

How can I protect myself?

There are multiple things you can and should do. If you want perfect security, follow every guideline below.

  • Never use any ordinary word as a password. Not even words in languages other than English.
  • Don't think p4ssw0rds like th1s wr1tt3n in l33t text w1ll pr0tect you. 😉
  • Never use the same password on multiple websites.
  • Use a password longer than 16 characters.
  • Combine lowercase, uppercase letters with digits and symbols.
  • Never use info which can be associated with you in the password. Example of such info are birthdays, family birthdays, place of birth, phone number, car you drive, etc..
  • Try and make it memorable to you, and only you.
  • Always make sure that the communication between you and a website is encrypted (uses SSL, the https protocol with a trusted certificate).
  • Use 2-factor authentication.

Here are a few examples of memorable strong passwords (PS. don't use these, we've added them to the dictionary 😁):

  • Y0uMak3melooKBad;(- Long, memorable and strong.
  • +yUdoDisT0m3e3e3-- Long, memorable and strong.
  • RulE#95Kid;Concentrat3- Long, memorable and strong.

Fun fact: Most people who read this will not change their password.

Is this free?

Yeah, but.. You will need to complete a specific kind of human verification. This ensures that this Facebook hack tool is not being used by automated robots, and also provides a small compensation to us for our effort. To complete the human verification, you will usually need to either install and run some mobile apps, or complete a survey or some offer. This is FREE for you, can't be done by automated software, and gives us some advertising revenue. Perfect.