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  1. WiFi hacking is not a difficult task if you performed all the steps carefully with the wifi hacking software in your pc. All you need is to use your brain and follow the steps carefully. There are many ways to hack wifi passwords but I am going to list out 5 best methods to hack wifi password using a laptop or desktop pc. You can also try these.
  2. How to Hack Wifi Hotspot of Mobile devices: 1.Wifi WPS WPA Tester: This is an awesome application for android that can easily crack up most of the Wifi passwords, it can likewise be utilized to hack up the hotspots of the cell phones as the intention is same.
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So, in this way you can easily hack any WPS Enable wifi password easily from your android smartphone, I hope that now you will know that how to hack WIFI password hack from mobile? So, this was a detailed guide article above wifi hacking, hope that now all the questions related to your wifi hacking will have been answered. Crack WiFi Password software, free download. Cracking WiFi Password using Software is not that easy as you think. You need much enough knowledge to operate hacking tools like Kali Linux, Backtrack, etc. So I recommend you to try out Best WiFi Hacker Apps for Android devices which are simple and easy to use.

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Are you searching for the method to hack WiFi using Android phone? If Yes then this article is specially written for you. I am going to share Top WiFi Hacker Apps for Android device which can help you in getting password of any WiFi network. Everyone has a wish to use free Internet and one of the best trick to complete your wish is other’s WiFi. But nowadays every wireless network is secured with password. Don’t worry I will guide you step-by-step to hack any WiFI password on Android mobile.

Many Android users wants to learn How to Hack WiFi Using Android? We looked at this and found one best way to hack any WiFi network by your phone. People think it isn’t able to Hack WiFi without PC but let you know, they are wrong. It can be done easily though any Android mobile. Your Phone can tell you everything you want to know about with the help of internet. One most popular thing for which we use our Android is for listening Music and surfing Social Media websites and apps like Facebook, Instagram, etc. We had already shared best Whatsapp DP for Girls collection. You may like it if you are interested in changing your Profile Pictures.

Nowadays, we all use Internet on our mobile or laptop or you can say we are totally dependent on it. This is bad and good both, this is depend on How to user is going to use it. You can study, earn, get entertained or can easily connect to anyone with your phone. But most necessary condition without which our device is non of use is Data Connection. If you have no Internet access, then you don’t even touch your mobile for whole of the day. 😛 When we purchase new WiFi Router, first thing we thinks to do is searching Funny WiFi Names list on Internet and the just next step is to secure it with Password so that no one can access your WiFi.

Data Plans cost is reaching the peak day by day. As compared to past years, now the prices of recharge packs is increased by very highly. People can’t even able to afford 3G Data because of too high rates. But, Free WiFi is one solution for this problem. Free? How? Well, no one will provides your free internet. Even if someone, whole city is going to establish their personal place in front of the home. 😛 This is why we all secure our WiFi network with Password. Now, there is no other way remained to use Internet. But what if I say, you can Hack WiFi Network using Android mobile? I am sure, at first you are going to say this is FAKE 😛 but let you know, Security of WiFi networks is very low. They are fulfil with lots of Bugs which help the Hacker to access your Password. Not all, but Yes some networks are vulnerable.

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After reading above paragraph, you are totally insane and are in hurry to know How to Hack WiFi with Android. Now You? Yes you are. Keep calm and read this article carefully. First let you know, there is no requirement to learn Hacking or Coding for this purpose. Without them how is it possible? There are lost of applications developed by Developers which works automatically and get access to anyone’s WiFi password in a single click. I am going to share only one and best WiFi Hacker App for Android in this tutorial. That single app is enough to complete your wish.

How to Hack any WiFi using Android, seems very good in listening ? Yeah! off course everyone love to hack wifi network for using free internet. Wifi is the common network which can be find everywhere easily but every wifi is secured with password nowadays so we can’t able to access someone’s wifi on our Android mobile. We have to use our own data plan but nowadays data plans are too costly, no one’s able to use unlimited plan on his/her android. But noting is impossible in this world 🙂 . It is possible to hack WiFi using android. I am going to sharing best method to hack wi-fi using android mobile. You don’t need to use PC or Laptop to hack Wi-fi, you can also hack any Wi-fi by android phone.

There are so many apps available on internet for hacking Wi-fi but no one knows about how to use them to hack wifi. Most famous app to hack wireless network is Wps Wpa Tester, so in this article I am going to describe step by step guide to use Wps Wpa Tester app. After following these steps you are able to hack and access anyone’s WiFi on your android phone.

Download wifi hack software for mobile phone

Requirements To Hack Any WiFi on Android


  • 2 Top WiFi Hacker Apps for Android
    • 2.5 Crack WiFi Password software, free download
  • Rooted Android Device
  • Must Need High Signal WiFi Network
  • Little Mind (I hope you already have 😛 )

These were some minimum basic requirements to hack any WiFi network. You can easily mange required Apps because I had also provided download link for all of them. After this, this is time time to come on main steps. Here they are:

How To Hack WiFi Using Android Phone

So here is an awesome trick to hack WiFi by android mobile. Let’s start.

1) First of all download Wps Wpa Tester app.

2) Install it in your android (Make sure you enabled installing Unknown Sources from settings).

3) Open WiFi Wps Wpa Tester app and click on “Refresh“.

4) After refreshing, it will show all available WiFi network of your area.

5) If you will show green Lock Icon on any WiFi, click on it.

6) Now, click on “Try to connect (root)” button.

7) Then you have to choose Pin, select one by one all Pin and click on Try to connect.

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8) If any Pin is working then it will process to hack password.

9) After processing, it will show you Password of that WiFi. 🙂

10) Voila!! You have been hacked WiFi using android mobile. 🙂

That’s it. Is it difficult process? No it isn’t. You can easily Hack your nearest WiFi Network with Android phone by following this procedure. Steps will be same for hacking any WiFi network, there is no special requirement for different WiFi. It’s your time dude, go and shock your friends and relatives by revealing their WiFi password in front of them. 😛 Yeah, it is very interesting to see their Shocked faces at that moment. 😀

Note: This tutorial is only for educational purpose, we are not responsible for any problem happened to you after using our trick. Try out it on your own risk.

Top WiFi Hacker Apps for Android

There are so many WiFi Hacker Apps for Android but not all of them works. So I am sharing the best WiFi Hacking Apps for Android devices for you. Above I shared one app called WPS WPA Tester, that is one of the most loving app of hackers to get WiFi password. But you are are unable to hack WiFi using that application then you may try some other apps which I am sharing now.

#1. AndroDumper – Top WiFi Hacking App

It is very cool app which will hack any WiFi password for you. Whenever any WiFi network founds under your coverage, it will automatically detect it and notify you. No need to search for available networks again and again. Try it out and easily get password of any WPS wireless networks.

How to Use?

  • Download Android Dumber Crack application on your Android.
  • Open the app and grant root permission to the app.
  • Click on “Scan Icon” from top right corner.
  • If will search and show you all available networks of your range.
  • Select your desired one and just try to connect (Don’t click on Custom PIN).
  • Within seconds it will show you password of victim’s WiFi.

#2. ZAnti – Best WiFi Hacking App

Download Wifi Hack Software For Mobile

I don’t think you have heard about this app before. It it the best Hacking & Penetration tool for Android phones. Many hackers use this application for finding vulnerability & checking securities on websites. It is also used for MAC Address Spoofing, Password Auditing and much fore features it has.

How to Use?

  • Download and install ZAnti app on your phone from link given below.
  • Open the app, and it will ask to enter your email. Simply enter and verify it.
  • After accepting your account, just click on “Start Now” button.

#3. Wps Connect – Hack WiFi on Android without Root

This is the best application for cracking passwords of Wps networks. You will easily get your victim’s password in few steps through this app. Sometimes it might don’t works due to some bugs but not always. If you wish, you can give a try to this WiFi Hacker App.

How to Use?

  • At first, download Wps Connect app from the link provided below.
  • Install and Open it in your phone.
  • It will ask you for root permission, simple tap on grant/allow button.
  • Now, from top right Menu, click on “Scan” button.
  • It will start searching for all available networks of your range.
  • Select any one of them and try to connect.
  • It it will succeed, it will show you password on screen else try another.

#4. WiFi Inspect [Root] – Crack WiFi Password on Andorid

WiFi Inspect is a security audit tool which helps us to crack password of any WiFi network. Advanced users use this app in different works but this application isn’t developed for hacking purpose. Well, wifi hacking is not illegal at all. This app have a bunch of features including UPnP Device Scanner, Network Sniffer, Pcap Analyzer, Port Scan, Host Vulnerability Scan and much more. This application needs rooted phone to work properly.

How to Use?

  • First of all download WiFi Inspect [Root] app from link given below.
  • Install and open app on your phone. Allow root permission.
  • Scroll down and click on “Access Point Security Test” button and try to connect.
  • It will scan and show you password of selected network.

Crack WiFi Password software, free download

Cracking WiFi Password using Software is not that easy as you think. You need much enough knowledge to operate hacking tools like Kali Linux, Backtrack, etc. So I recommend you to try out Best WiFi Hacker Apps for Android devices which are simple and easy to use. You can easily crack any WiFi password using Android by these apps. I hope you understood what I want to explain you.

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Final Words

Isn’t is the easiest explained answer for your question “How to Hack WiFi Using Android?“. According to me Yes it is. I had provided you a great tutorial with screenshots too which can help you in understanding this trick. Someone said that it wont work? Just follow out these simple steps and Miracle will happens in front of them. 🙂 I already tried it on my device and found it totally working. There is plenty of WiFi Hacker Android Apps, but Wps Wpa Tester is one of the best application in all of them.

But the major issue is that you can’t get those sites by directly searching with the normal keywords.As these sites are not given that much preference that they can come up in google. And the product key is in turn paid for the user and at the end of day software is freeware only for few days. But some of this software needs a renewal product key for further access to the service of the software. Any to iso serial key. But there is a method by which you can use this software for free.Today there is much software that is not exactly paid that is they are freely available on the internet to download. Also read: Steps To Find Serial Key Of Any Software in 2020 (Google Hack)Actually, there are some sites that can provide you with the serial key of the software which you want to activate.

Download Wifi Hack Software For Mobile Phone

If you had ever tried to Hack any WiFi network with Android phone and got failed. Don’t worry, maybe there is any other issue. Now, go for this tutorial and I am sure you will get succeed. But, always remember you can’t hack all WiFi using these apps because some networks have high security. So, always go for low secured network. Let me know, have you got the solution for your query, How to Hack Any WiFi using Android phone?. If No, feel free to comment your question below.

I have shared Top 5 Best WiFi Hacker Apps for Android which will help you to hack any WiFi using Android. There is no need of any knowledge for operating these applications, I have also explained How to Use each application. Now what are you waiting for? Go and hack any WiFi network on Android with above mentioned WiFi Hacking Apps.

Download Wifi Hack Software For Mobile Phones

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