Download Mobile Legends On Mac

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HOW TO PLAY MOBILE LEGENDS ON PC/MAC IN 2019Download NoxPlayer for free: Channel Dec 01, 2020 Mobile Legends: Adventure is a Role Playing game developed by Moonton. BlueStacks app player is the best platform (emulator) to play this Android game on your PC or Mac for an immersive gaming experience.

Mobile Legends is undoubtedly one of the best MOBAs, or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena out there in the Mobile Gaming Market and it can be attributed by the fact that is has a huge player base, with array of heroes to choose from, different modes to play on, and it is very fast paced that some games ended in less than 15 minutes, the game has been picked up even by the non-hardcore gamers that have been finding a way to pass by time and get to know why MOBAs are popular, so it’s without a doubt that ML has become popular. However, some people do not afford to have a smart phone capable of playing Mobile Legends, or their phones have not enough capacity to play the game, in times like this what should a player do?

Mobile Legends Pc System Requirements


First, is to make sure that your computer can run the game. Sure, the computer has greater specs than your smartphone however, we will not be playing the game directly on the computer, we will need an emulator to run the game.
Usually these programs need a decent size of RAM in order to work, for a workable experience, 2-4 GB will work assuming that there is no other tasks being assigned to the computer have been given. Otherwise, an 8 GB worth of RAM will be great in order to run the game seamlessly.

Download Mobile Legends On Mac

What is Emulator?

An emulator is a device that lets the computer run a state of the selected device to emulate, there are tons of emulators out there that can initiate a state similar to the original device, however we will be needing Android emulators on this one, and these are the following that is recommendable to those who want to play Mobile Legends, in their PC.

Download Mobile Legends Bang Bang on PC/MAC


The ever-classic BlueStacks, this is one of the most popular emulators as it has been the first Android emulator, commercially available in the market, this emulator started the craze of playing android games to the personal computer. However, we cannot always be sure that the first will always be the best. Some say that BlueStacks are not that great anymore for emulating as it lacks the necessary updates to play various games on it, so it might not be the best choice for you guys. But we recommend you to see for yourself if you don’t believe us otherwise.



Next up is Nox, a fairly new competitior in the Android emulation scene, however, some report that Nox is fairly stable to play Mobile Legends with, it also has an easy set up for button mapping which will be important later on after you have installed the game in your emulator. Personally, I, as the author have tried using Nox and I can it works well as long as the PC is not handling too many requests or tasks while playing the game.


The new yet impressive emulator, MEmu, is starting to cause a stir in the market. They boast their emulator as the fastest emulator out there, especially if the apps need to be emulated are video games. It also tells that performance will not be an issue to games such as Mobile Legends, however, reviews and ratings only reported a 3/5 in the star rating, apparently, it is not bad however if you believe new emulators will bring in more updates to fulfill their promises to the market then try Memu!



After picking an emulator for your game, you need to locate the play store of that emulator. Some have a dedicated play store for their emulators, however, some rely on the Google Play Store which is offered by the Android System UI itself. Whichever app store, as long as it works and contains Mobile Legends, then it will work. The game will be installed and you will wait as the initial download of files have started.
Once the installation and asset downloading is complete (you will see some sort of download indicator below stating that they are downloading additional files), you can start playing around with the application, you will be forced into a tutorial game, by now, you will ask how do I play this? Well, you can adjust buttons for the game to work!
Look for the button mapping which can be located by searching through the side bar and the tool tip will help you tell if it’s the button mapping or not. For Nox, it’s located at the right side bar with the other buttons included there as well. Some buttons have been assigned to obvious keys while others you will need to assign.
Once finished, you can start playing the game and testing out the controls for yourself, since you can adjust the controls in the tutorial, you can take your time to fix and adjust controls according to what you want to use! But be careful when to adjust these controls and make sure that you are not doing this even in a casual game with other human players. It can get pretty annoying to them and you will be bringing your team a bad time.

Final Words

DownloadSome advantages of an emulated game, is that, you can have better control of your game, because you are not using the touchscreen but the keyboard which is more reliable than touching the phone. There are more advantages, but we will leave that for you to decide! Since exploring the controls can also be fun and learning how to play wise on the computer is a good experience.
And that’s all we have for now to play Mobile Legends in PC Mode, if there are any more questions, we will be gladly answering them in this website, so for more information about this and more regarding Mobile Legends, stay tuned!