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Game naruto yang satu ini adalah salah satu game android naruto terbaik yang dapat kalian unduh secara gratis dengan memakai server Indonesia. Hadir dengan grafis 3D yang memukau, game yang satu ini dapat dimainkan dengan cross di platform Android dan juga iOS.

Naruto: Slugfest On line mobile game Naruto Shippuden customization can be seen in 3D Open World MMORPG!


Naruto: One of the slugfest anime is a 3D open pan-world action MMORPG - Naruto Shippuden. The game is a re-establishment of 3D cinematic images and plots of the world of Naruto.

[Background story]

The story begins in the timeline of Naruto Shippuden, where Naria returns to Konoha village after two years of training with Jiria. In addition, the five Shinobai nations are now facing the greatest threat as Akatsuki becomes more active. Naruto has to face the loss of someone - whom Sasuke - joins Orochimaru to avenge his brother - Itachi.


[Game Features]

4 unique classes

Earth keeper - melee class with high defense features. Earth-style techniques specialize in causing large-scale AOE damage to enemies.

Blizzard Lotus - A class type class that specializes in fire style technique. In addition to inflicting heavy damage on enemies, their abilities can also heal their allies.

Thunder Assassins - a medium-range that can use both water style and lightning style techniques. It depends on its mobility or stealth, depending on its style of play.

Wind Shooter - A long stretcher guy who specializes in using wind style techniques. This allows him to inflict large amounts of damage from a distance while maintaining a safe distance between him and the enemies.

The wonderful world of blind Naruto

Naruto: Slogfest is created using the latest cartoon rendering technology. The shadow and the shadow effect is really visual pleasure. Elements such as night and night options and climate change have been added to the game, allowing players to experience Naruto in the world of Naruto: Slugfest

Take part in extensive gameplay combat modes

Its rich content is available for quests and unique game modes. Push the limits of your tactical and combat skills by taking adorable solo quests for the most difficult test challenges. Show your strength against the highly competitive ninja in the battle between group and clan clash.

Collect your favorite Naruto characters

Your ninja story begins now! Thread the recreated plot of 'Naruto Shipuden' with the help of your favorite Naruto character Ninja Partners! Naruto: There are so many characters in Slug Gift to take part in your adventures!

who are you?

Naroto: Sluggfest believes in friendship! This can be done through social and competitive sports tasks like clan, the apprenticeship system, family system, marriage system, team quests, multiplayer patterns and much more - your partners will become important! Invite your friends and play Naruto: Slugfest together!

Start your own ninja story

Choose between character classes like Bersker, Geisha, Archer, Assassin and call your favorite Naruto characters who may be involved in your own ninja story quest. Naruto: Slugfest Ninja Partners helps you pave the way for an incredible adventure in the true open-world MMORPG style in the history of Naruto Shippuden.

Find your own Nido or Ninja mode in the world of Naruto. Play Naruto: Slick now!


AS2002 Mashi Kishimoto / 2007 Shipin All rights reserved.

┬ę 2019 GameSamba Corporation.

To install:

  • 'APK' Install it on your device.
  • Copy the '' folder to 'android / obb'.
  • Enter the game.

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Download Game Naruto Adventure 3d Offline

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