Download Exodus Addon Kodi 17.3

How to Install Exodus on Kodi 17.3. Exodus was down but not its back up again and its easy to install. I did all this but when it got to the pink writing to download exodus that wasn’t there.lots of other stuff but no Exodus? Kodi add-ons, Kodi IPTV, iptv, kodi iptv, online tv. Kodi (formerly XBMC) is a free and open source media player application developed by the XBMC/Kodi Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. Kodi is available for multiple operating-systems and hardware platforms, featuring a 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls. Nov 19, 2018 Select that you was download at first step Wait few second for this addon installed on your kodi. Open Fresh Start via Kodi Add-ons Program add-ons Fresh Start. Open Fresh Start add-ons from programs add-ons: Step 2: A notification say 'Do you wish to restore your kodi configuration to default. Found out how to get Exodus on Kodi 17.3 Krypton. First thing use the fusion repo, then in zip files download this ‘ That will download TVADDONS.AG, click on that in install from repository. Then click on video add ons, click on Indigo.

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How to Download and Install Adryanlist Kodi Addon:

Adryanlist Kodi: Hello Friends, In this article, we are going to see How to Download and install Adryanlist Kodi on Kodi Krypton 17.3 & 17.4 and Kodi Jarvis 16.1. Adryanlist Kodi is one of the most successful Kodi addon and also one of a Long time working Kodi Addon. Though there are a lot of Ups and Downs in the Addons of Kodi, Adryanlist Kodi Addon reserves a constant Place and that is the reason for the success of this addon. This addon is famous for various contents like Movies, TV shows but the addon became more successful for Sports. If you are a Sports Lover, then this addon is a must addon for you. Let us get into the Article Friends.

Table of Contents:

Different Methods to Download Adryanlist Kodi Addon on Kodi Krypton 17.3 & 17.4:

Kodiinfopark always provides a number of methods to install an Addon so that users can be really comfortable and if they face a problem in one method then they can go with the alternate method here itself. Hence in this article, We have provided different methods to download this Addon on your Kodi player both Krypton and Jarvis 16.1. The following are the methods.

Kodi Addons Exodus

Download and Install Adryanlist Kodi – Direct Method:

Note: The Golden Color in the Images Provided are just Themes and all the Options are same as in the Kodi Krypton 17.3 & 17.4.

This is the Easiest and Quickest Methods to install Adryanlist Kodi Addon. We have explained clearly using Step by Step Image Reference Method and Hence it will be very easy for you to follow.

  • Download Adryanlist 2017 Repo Zip file.
  • Open Kodi Krypton 17.3 or 17.4.
  • Choose the Addons option that is available in the Left section of the Kodi Interface.
  • Now Choose the Addons icon that is available on the Top left of the screen.
  • Go to option Install from Zip file.
  • Navigate to the Repo that we have downloaded in the First Step. Click OK.
  • Kindly wait for Addon Enabled Notification.
  • Once you Receive the Addon enabled Notification then Adryanlist Kodi Addon is Ready to use on Kodi Player 17.3 & 17.4.
Note: This is a 3rd party addon/plugin and that is not supported by the Kodi Team and so do not try to post questions related to this addon/plugin on the Kodi Official Forums”

Install Adryanlist Addon Using Ares Wizard Build:

This method is really a long method compared to the earlier one. Yet We have provided for your Kind reference.

  • Download the Ares Wizard Repo.
  • Open Kodi Player 17.3 or 17.4.
  • Go to Addons Section.
  • Choose Addons icon.
  • Proceed to the option “Install from Zip file“.
  • Navigate to the Repo that we have downloaded and Install.
  • Wait for Addon Enabled Notification.
  • Now go to the option Install from Repository.
  • You will Find Ares Project over there. Proceed with it.
  • Then Go to Program Addons.
  • Now you will find Ares Wizard over there.
  • Select that and Install that and Wait for Addon Enabled Notification.
  • Come to the Kodi Main Interface Screen.
  • Go to Addons and Program Addons. You can find Ares Wizard over there. Open it.
  • When you are Opening the first time, it will take some time and will install several repo and files and hence kindly be patient.
  • Ares Wizard will be launched now. Go into the option “Browser Addons“.
  • Choose Video Addons.
  • Now you will Adryanlist Kodi Addon over there. Install it.

Once the Install is completed then Adryanlist Kodi Addon is ready for use. Enjoy it on your Kodi Player 17.3 & 17.4.

Download Adryanlist Addon using SuperRepo:

This method is also quite long yet you can keep it as a Backup method if you face any problem with the above two methods.

  • Download the SuperRepo Zip file.
  • Open Kodi Krypton 17.3 or 17.4.
  • Go to Addons.
  • Choose Addons icon.
  • Proceed with Install from Zip file.
  • Navigate to the Downloaded the Zip file.
  • Install the SuperRepo. Wait for Addon Enabled Notification.
  • Now go to the option Install from Repository.
  • You will find SuperRepo Repositories. Proceed with it.
  • Navigate to the Repo SuperRepo All[Krypton][v7] and Install that Repo.
  • Come back again to the option “Install from Repository“.
  • You will find SuperRepo All[Krypton][v7] over there. Proceed with that.
  • Go to Video Addons.
  • Search for Adryanlist Kodi Addon over there. Once you locate the Addon then Kindly Install it.
  • Wait for Addon Enabled Notification. Once you receive the addon enabled notification the Adryanlist Kodi addon is ready for use.

Adryanlist Kodi Addon on Kodi Jarvis 16.1:

This method, you can use for all Kodi Versions such as Kodi Krypton 17.3 or 17.4 and also for Kodi Jarvis 16.1. This method is also a direct method to install Adryanlist Kodi Addon on Kodi Krypton 17.3, 17.4, Jarvis 16.1.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Open File Manager.
  • Choose Add Source.
  • Tap None.
  • A pop up will appear now.
  • Type the URL and Enter the Media Name( Name as Adryanlist). Finally, Click OK.
  • Go to Install from Zip file.
  • Download the Repo that we have created now.
  • Once you get the Addon Enabled notification then Adryanlist Kodi addon is now installed on your Kodi Jarvis 16.1.

Adryanlist Kodi Not Working Error and Fix:

We are getting a lot of errors in Kodi Addons and also there are a lot of Shake in the Kodi Addon nowadays. You might also get Adryanlist Kodi not Working error. If you a getting an error “Failed to Resolve URL” then that particular path is not available and hence we have to wait till the Developer resolves the issue. If you are getting any other errors then the step you have to do is to update the Addon. Kindly note that Kodi Addons has to be kept up to date so that you can enjoy them flawlessly.

Adryanlist Kodi Review and Adryanlist 2017 Latest Version:

Though you can able to watch Movies, TV Shows and other Multimedia contents using Adryanlist Kodi, it is very much Popular among the Sports Lovers. Hence, if you are a Sports lover then you will really enjoy this addon and this is the Adryanlist Kodi Review. All the methods listed in this article helps you to download and install the Latest Adryanlist 2017 Kodi Addon and hence the addon is up to date and you won’t face problems. When you Open Adryanlist then it will be in Spanish language and hence you might need a translator and also you can find a lot of Spanish Channels in Adryanlist Channels.

Adryanlist Kodi Download- Video Tutorial:

The Conclusion of the Article:

Friends, we have provided almost all the info about the Adryanlist Kodi Addon and provided a number of methods to download and install Adryanlist Kodi Addon Kodi Player Krypton 17.3, 17.4 and Kodi Jarvis 16.1. If you face any difficulty in following the above steps or If you have any Query then Kindly comment us and We will revert with a solution. Have a Nice Day Friends.

The Kodi Exodus addon is the most iconic addon for the media center. We have the ultimate Exodus guide below, including history of the addon, how to install, what to do when its not working, why you get “no stream available”, what Exodus Redux is, and a whole lot more!

Originally developed by Lambda, Exodus has been forked a countless number of times with tons of replacements. In 2019, the Kodi Exodus code remains largely the same with a few key additions and changes.

Strap in and keep reading for all of the details! If you want to access a specific section, we’ve added a table of contents below.

Table of Contents

Latest update: The Exodus scraper module has been updated. Check out the Exodus vs Exodus Redux section for mor information.

What is Kodi Exodus?

Exodus is an open source set of code created by the developer Lambda that integrates three major components together:

  1. The Scraper
  2. The Resolver
  3. The Search Engine

The actual Exodus addon (including Exodus Redux and other addons) is the search engine. It’s job is to search and query movie and TV titles. In the case of Exodus, it uses Trakt, TMDB, and TVDM databases to present movies and titles in playlists such as “most popular” or “trending movies”.

When you search a title in the Kodi Exodus addon, it searches through scrapers, which are websites on the internet that contain links to media files.

In the initial version of Exodus, these scrapers were local to the addon. Nowadays, some community scraper projects exist such as Universal Scrapers and Civitas Scrapers. Community scrapers can be updated and then all addons using those scrapers receive the same updates.

But anyway, back to Exodus!

After you search, Exodus shows you a list of media file. The one you pick to play is passed off to a resolver. The resolver module in Exodus is URLResolver, which is a collection of instructions on how to navigate through file hosts to get out the raw video file.

The resolver passes Kodi a media file that plays on your Kodi hardware.

Download Exodus Addon Kodi 17.3 17.6

Kodi Exodus Features

All versions of Exodus come with the following features:

  • Over 50 media sources scraped by the addon.
  • Special categories for movies and TV including most popular, latest releases, special genres, sorted by rating, and many more.
  • Support for non-English streams, such as Greek, Spanish, French, and more.
  • Full Library integration. Save your favourite media titles to your Kodi library for quick access and updating.
  • Full support. Trakt is a third-party library and tracking tool. Click here for more information.
  • Full support for many popular account-based services, including Real-Debrid, Premiumize, and more.

Latest Kodi Exodus Update

The original Exodus addon has not been maintained by Lambda since early 2017 when Lambda retired as a developer from the community.

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That doesn’t mean that the legacy of Exodus doesn’t live on though!

Today, there are two recommended forks of the Exodus addon that live on and are under development.

Kodi Exodus Kodibae Version


The Kodibae repository is a mysterious Github repo that updates the code of addons formally created and maintained by TVAddons. TVAddons is currently involved in a court case in Canada over the legality of its addons and does not host any grey-area content.

The Kodibae developer keeps some of the original TVA addons up to date, including Exodus. This version of Exodus is largely the same as the original release and it updates every few months with some new scrapers updates to check out.

The latest version of the Kodibae Exodus is v8.1.4, updated on October 12th, 2019.

Exodus Redux Kodi Addon

Exodus Redux is a popular fork of the original Exodus addon. It makes some key changes to the code base:

  • The resolver has been changed from URLResolver to ResolveURL, which receives more regular updates.
  • The scraper module has changed from local to the Open Scrapers community codebase.

Exodus Redux went without an update from December until March 2019 until a brand new update, v2.0.1. popped up on March 9th just a few days after the removal and hack of the 13 Clowns repo. Then, the addon went from March until November 21st, 2019 without an update before it was updated to fix the TVDb errors.

The information about the latest version of the Exodus Redux Kodi addon is below.

Below, we include the latest information for both Exodus and Exodus Redux, including troubleshooting and configuration help as well

Exodus Latest Version

How To Install Exodus On Kodi 17

Exodus Redux

The latest release of Exodus Redux is from March 13th, v2.0.3 (module 2.0.3)

Changes in this version are as follows:

  • Addon version 2.0.3
    • Enabled “My Lists” by default
    • Added Greek + English provider option
  • Module version 2.0.3
    • Fixed Trakt and IMDB lists
  • Openscrapers 0.0.2
    • Lambdascrapers replacement

IMPORTANT: Reset the Exodus Redux settings to Default if you are experiencing issues.

Other recent changes to the addon include:

  • Replaced Lambdascrapers with Openscrapers

Kodibae Kodi Exodus

The latest update to the Kodibae version of Exodus is from September 12th, v8.0.9 (module v1.0.7) In addition to fixed scrapers, the latest version has the following updates:

  • Exodus Kodi Addon v8.0
    • Scrapers and fixes
    • Stability updates
  • Exodus Module
  • Exodus Scrapers
    • Removed digibit (unstable)
    • Cache reset

If your My Lists are not working or showing up after you install Exodus Redux, head down to our My Lists troubleshooting section and follow the steps listed!

If you are interested in checking out either addon, Exodus install instructions are below!

If you are having trouble with Exodus not working, check out our troubleshooting tips underneath the install guide.

Download Exodus Addon Kodi 17.3 Add-ons

How to Install Kodi Exodus Add-on

Exodus Redux

  1. From the Kodi main menu, navigate to SYSTEM > File Manager > Add Source > None
  2. Type the following EXACTLY and select Done
  3. Highlight the box underneath and enter a name for this media Source like .redux. and then click OK
  4. Go back to your home screen.
    • ON Kodi 17 Krypton or later: Select Add-ons > Add-on Browser
    • ON Kodi 16 or earlier: Select SYSTEM > Add-Ons
  5. Select Install from Zip File > .redux > and wait for the Add-on enabled notification
  6. Select Install from Repository > Exodus Redux Repo > Video Add-ons > Exodus Redux > Install
  7. Wait for Add-on enabled notification

Kodibae Exodus

  1. Click here to download the Kodi Bae Repository.
  2. From your Kodi home screen.
    • ON Kodi 17 Krypton or later: Select Add-ons > Add-on Browser
    • ON Kodi 16 or earlier: Select SYSTEM > Add-Ons
  3. Select Install from Zip File > Select the file you downloaded above and wait for the Add-on enabled notification
  4. Select Install from Repository > Kodi Bae repository > Video Add-ons > Exodus > Install
  5. Wait for Add-on enabled notification

Exodus Redux FireDL Method

If you are using hardware that is hard or inconvenient to download and move zip files onto, you can use FireDL to get the Exodus Redux repo! FireDL is a tool that hides zip file links behind a code and as long as you know that code, you can get any app or addon you want.

First, download the FireDL app onto your Android, Nvidia, or Amazon hardware and then follow the steps below.

  1. Launch the FireDL app.
  2. Enter in the shortcode 882887 and click the download button.
  3. The Exodus Redux repo zip file will be downloaded onto your device.
  4. Launch Kodi. From your home screen:
    • ON Kodi 17 Krypton or later: Select Add-ons > Add-on Browser
    • ON Kodi 16 or earlier: Select SYSTEM > Add-Ons
  5. Select Install from Zip File > external storage > Downloads > and wait for the Add-on enabled notification. If the path above is not 100% correct, you will have to do a little searching until you find the Downloads folder that FireDL downloaded the zip file to.
  6. Select Install from Repository > Exodus Redux repository > Video Add-ons > Exodus Redux > Install
  7. Wait for Add-on enabled notification

How to Setup / Configure Exodus Redux Addon

Exodus Kodi Download For Pc

OpenScrapers should be enabled by default. To double-check whether OpenScrapers is enabled, follow these instructions:

  1. From the Home Menu, go to Tools > SETTINGS: Providers
  2. “Choose Module Provider Source” should be set to “OpenScrapers”
  3. Open OpenScrapers Settings
  4. In the “Providers” section, Openscrapers should be selected from the “Choose Module Scraper” pull-down menu.
  5. In the “Providers”, “Foreign” and “Debrid” (if using a debrid service) sections, you can also enable/disable specific providers. If you want to use a different Module Scraper
  6. In the “Providers” section, select the scraper set you want to use from the “Choose Module Scraper” pull-down menu.
  7. In the “Providers” section, select “Enable ALL Providers(for current Module)”. This enables all providers for the current module in addition to any previously enabled providers. Note: “Foreign” and “Debrid” are only available with Lambdascrapers

Tip: Before selecting “Open Scrapers Default Providers”, it is a good idea to “Disable All Providers” first.

Tip: When switching Module Scrapers it is good idea to “Disable All Providers” first.

Kodi Exodus Not Working Help

If the Exodus addon is not working for you, it can be frustrating!

Exodus Kodi Download For Android

Luckily, most Exodus problems are common and can be fixed with a little bit of reading. Check out our full Exodus not working guide for common problems and solutions to Exodus addon problems!

If you are getting problems using Exodus Redux, you may need to re-enable LambdaScrapers inside of the Exodus Redux addon. Check out our Exodus Redux LambdaScrapers steps above.

If you aren’t tech savvy and just want to try something else, check out our best Kodi addons and best all-in-one Kodi addon lists for more details.

Kodi Exodus No Stream Available Fix

“No Stream Available” is a common Kodi error that most users will run into. There is a common misconception about Kodi addons you must first understand before we talk about how to fix this error:

  • If I see a title in Exodus, a stream must be available for it.

This is NOT true! Titles in Kodi are pulled from a service like Trakt or IMDB. If a movie is not released yet or is really old, there may not be any streams available and no troubleshooting will fix this.

If you are certain that a stream should be available for a title, you need to make sure that your scrapers are setup and working. Refer to the steps above in this guide on how to make sure your scrapers are working in the Exodus settings.

Try restarting the Kodi Exodus addon or Exodus Redux addon again. Try installing Kodi from scratch with NO build and this will most likely solve your problems.

We also have a No Stream Available Kodi guide which provides more details.

How to Authorize Trakt in Exodus Redux

If you are a Trakt user and store your movies and TV data in that service, you can sync your account by launching Exodus Redux and going to Tools > Authorize Trakt. Follow the prompts on the screen to sync your account accordingly.

Missing My Lists in Exodus Redux (Trakt)

If you are missing your “My Lists” which are your specialty playlists pulled from Trakt, you need to follow these instructions:

  1. Launch the Exodus Redux Addon.
  2. Click on Tools
  3. Click on SETTINGS: General
  4. In the General tab, go down to My Lists under the “Menu” sub-heading and make sure it is set to Enabled.
  5. Go to the Accounts tab.
  6. Under the “Trakt” sub-heading, click on Authorization/Re-Authorize and re-sync your Trakt account to Exodus Redux.

Kodi Exodus Tips

Check out some of the Exodus tips we’ve compiled from hundreds of questions and feedback submitted to us on social media.

  • Watching old content in Exodus – The Exodus Kodi addon searches the public internet for media. The older and more obscure the content is, the less likely it is available on the internet. There is nothing you can do about this. A private usenet server, such as Easynews, is the best way to view old and obscure content.
  • Seeing more streams in Exodus – Some users want to watch new content but still have trouble. Here are some common tips to improve your experience:
    • If its a movie you want information on, make sure it is out on DVD. If the movie has just come out in theatres, stop searching Exodus for anything.
    • If you live in the UK, your internet service provider may be blocking access to over half the available content in Exodus. Click here for more information.
    • If you have an Android TV box, make sure your OS version is AT LEAST 5+. The Exodus Kodi addon is not supported on Android 4.4
    • Make sure that you have at least Kodi 17.0 or greater (latest version is always preferred). Exodus is not supported on Kodi 16 or less.
  • Seeing only trailers in Exodus – If you commonly only see trailers when looking for streams in Exodus, click here.
  • GVideo links not working or missing – Gvideo media links are popular because they are fast and in good quality, but they are often prone to being removed from the internet. Click here for more information.

Want to know anything else about Exodus? Comment below or let us know on Twitter if we can help you out!


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