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Jalebi Apk – A Desi Adda is first ever Indian Game center, Now it’s packed with 8 favorite games.
Play Ludo, Snake and Ladder, Word Search, Quiz, Word Hunt (Jalebi) and 4-Letters (Barfi), Brick and Snake in this single pack. And also play all these games in our own language.

8 Game in 1 pack ‘Jalebi – A Desi Adda’

#1 – Word Hunt

Do word hunt in this word games to find the hidden words. Solve words with friends and challenge them to guess the word. Tap your finger over the crossword grid and see the puzzle breakdown in our desi word hunt games challenge as a word master.

#2 – Word Search

Best desi word search game ever played before. Our desi word search is a classic word puzzle game where you need to find the hidden words from the secret letters on the board. All the word search puzzles are automatically generated by the app for endless fun and their difficulty varies with 4 different grid sizes – 7*7, 8*8, 9*9, and 10*10.

#3 – Ludo

Play this mazing Ludo game and become King.
Ludo – An Indian variant ludo game ever played before. Grab this real ludo board game and have ultimate desi ludo fun. This ludo game is a board game played between 2 – 4 members – friends, family and kids. Play this ultimate ludo game and recall your childhood!

#4 – Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and ladders is the simple and addictive family board game for all snake game players. The snake games – kids board game or fun board games comes alive with this amazing Snakes Ladders board game! Play this snakes games in two different modes i.e., against computer and local (play with your friends). Have the fun of catching the ladder, attacked by snake and sliding down and leading against your opponent and lot more.

#5 – Quiz
Desi Adda Game For Android Download

Desi Adda Game For Android Download Windows 10

Quiz is an ultimate desi trivia game, test your general Knowledge and learn more about India. Let’s play Quiz game! This Indian GK Quiz is forms of quiz game in which everybody can be strengthen their knowledge by answering the questions related to India in different Indian languages. All the quiz questions are automatically generated by the app for endless fun.

#6 – Four Letters

Desi four letter word games is waiting for you, get ready to create a four letters one word in different Indian languages. Creating word from given 4 letters is an easy game, but you must be quick! You gain extra time when you create 4 letter words. The ultimate word puzzles becomes more and more challenging as you keep on making words to solve the 4 letter word puzzle games. All the 4 letters one word puzzles are automatically generated by the app for endless fun.

Desi Adda Game For Android Download Pc

#7 Brick

Play Brick game in Jalebi now. Brick retro game will take you down the memory lane. It’s nearly 25 years since its arrival to this world and since then, it has been a great entertainer. This was and will be your favorite classic video game, which entertains like nothing. If you have played the 1 Bit Video game, then you will really like this game on your Phone.

Desi Adda Kabaddi Game Download For Android

#8 Snake

The old classic snake game and 1-Bit animation brought live on your Jalebi Pack now. This serpent is sure to take you by its hood. We have made all efforts to make this game really awesome classic snake game.

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Its simpilicity is in its controls and animation. The very easy to navigate controls makes this an excellent entertainer. If you need to kill your time or banish your boredom, try Snake game and feel the difference.

Adding More Games very soon. Stay Tuned to Jalebi Apk – A Desi Adda.COLLAPSE


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