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Android/iOS Gameplay. Almost Overcooked. Play only fresh games on Android & iOS. New Android & iOS Gameplay, Walkthrough, Trailers, Compariso.

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Overcooked itself is a pretty good game, and it has been a long time favorite game to play in a group with your friends. You can deepen your bond or even ruin it with this fun cooking game, and now the all time favorite party game can now be played on your mobile phone in a game called Cooking Battle!

If you had played Overcooked and loved it, then you will definitely like this game, where player will be able to play this game with your friends online in a battle of cooking. Take care of the preparation from chopping onions, meat and many other ingredients, and then cook it. Remember not to overcooked it, because you will definitely lose some point there.

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Compete with one another in a battle of time, and may the best player wins. Of course if you are losing, you can hinder your opponent by throwing things to slow them down, from durian bomb to spilling some honey, so that they can’t do stuff that they are suppose to. You can also customize your chef, maps and even the layout of your kitchen.

Cooking battle is one of the best multiplayer game that you should play. Like really, try it now and enjoy bickering with your friends! Click on the link below to download it!

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