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Cheat Engine is a game hacking App that is used on Android devices for hacking all paid and unpaid games alike. This App has the ability to change the stats, status and the value of games abundantly. The game is available in both Desktop and Mobile version. This is the mobile version of the same. The App supports a variety of Android games and helps in enhancing your gaming performance. This article guides you to download cheat engine apk latest version.

Cheat Engine APK infiltrates the memory of Android games by scanning the memory system of the games and changing the parameters and values such as scores, coins, stats, power etc., inside the game. This helps the players in accelerating the game and enjoying it without any restrictions. This app works in the background without affecting any other activities on your Android device and also supports offline games.

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Cheat Engine Apk For Android Download Official Website

The Cheat Engine application quickly scans all of the parameters that are used in the games and allows the user to merge or split the data, hack the speed of the tools and monitor the game as they wish. The App promises to bring an enjoyable and rewarding gaming experience for all the gamers out there. With this APK on your mobile, your dream of being in the top list of Android game charts will no longer be just a dream.


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      • 4.0.1 Below we have mentioned the complete process of how the App works and all the instructions that you need to follow for optimum use of this App.

Cheat Engine APK is an amazing hacking tool for all kinds of Android devices like smartphones and tablets that have 2.2 and upper version of Android. This app allows you to modify games and their stats according to your wish. Not only does this app help you in changing stats of the games, but also, you can unlock all of the paid and in-app features of various Android games and Apps for free of cost.

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You do not have to know any coding knowledge or technical experience to use this app. It is a very easy to use App that can be used by anyone for hacking any game. So, if there is any game on your smartphone that you want to win or any premium game or App that you wish to download on your smartphone but cannot or are unable to explore all of the features od paid apps due to payment restrictions or any other issues, you can now use the Cheat Engine APK for the same. You can play all of the Android games and use all of the Android applications without having to pay a single penny.

Cheat Engine APK has a lot of powerful and unique features which give you the freedom of using any Android game or application totally free of cost and hacking all the stats of any game you wish.

The features of this excellent app are explained below:

  • Allows you to modify the memory, stats and other data of various games
  • Supports all Android devices that have 2.2 and above version
  • The APK can connect to any remote or local processes using IP address
  • It can scan all different types of values, small, big, exact or unknown
  • Values of the stats that it can scan are 1, 2, 4 and 8 byte, string, double and float array of byte
  • Also, scans values in hexadecimal form
  • Allows you to increase the speed of the game by disabling all the background data
  • Disabling the background data also helps in saving battery
  • Ability to choose the process from drop down menu
  • Has a fast scan feature that works on several games
  • Scans read only or paged memory also
  • Feature a memory viewer
  • Has an interactive and easy to understand tutorial
  • Allows changing icons

The process to download Cheat Engine APK is a very easy yet lengthy. We are providing a direct link for the APK file of Cheat Engine below. Just click on the APK file below to download the App on your Android device. This APK file is available for both rooted and non-rooted Android devices but downloading this APK on rooted devices is recommended as it helps in taking full advantage of the App.

Follow this step by step guide to download and install the Cheat Engine APK on your Android device:

  • Click on the direct link of the APK file provided below
  • Allow “third party software installations” on your mobile in the Settings menu under “Security”
  • Once the download is complete, go to the file manager and locate the APK file
  • Install the APK on your device
  • Once installed, Click on “Open” to run the App

Once the Cheat Engine APK is successfully installed on your Android device, you can start exploring the App and hacking all of your favorite games and Apps and their stats that you have always wanted. But before this, you will have to know how the Cheat Engine APK works on your device.

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Below we have mentioned the complete process of how the App works and all the instructions that you need to follow for optimum use of this App.

  • Open the Cheat Engine App on your device
  • Go to “Game process” option
  • Select the game that you want to hack from the Cheat Engine list
  • Tap on the game to open
  • Search for the values of that game such as money, coins, energy, gold or whatever you want. Example: coins = 1000
  • Next, tap on the option that allows you to decrease the value
  • Now, add the address of the coin value in the tab list to “list 4”
  • Tap on the address checklist and change the value to maximum number that is 99999
  • You have now successfully set the value of the coins as 99999 that will change automatically and will never end
  • You can follow the same procedure to change any stats you wish

Cheat Engine Apk For Pc

So this is the method of hacking games and their stats using the Cheat Engine APK. Although it is a lengthy process, but once you have finished this you can enjoy unlimited hacking of games and apps. You can also use the same procedure to unlock all the paid features of any game or install paid games and Apps for free.


Cheat Engine Download For Android

Cheat Engine APK is a very useful tool that enables you to use all the premium features of any game or application without paying a single penny. The APK also allows you to hack almost any game and its stats and get unlimited tokens, coins, gold, energy, money, power etc.

Cheat Engine Apk Download For Android Emulator

Download the latest and updated version of the Cheat Engine APK from the APK file that is provided above in the article and start exploring all of its amazing features. Cheat Engine APK is the best application to hack any game or App on all Android devices. It is a very powerful tool that will change the gaming experience for you.