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The ScanLite demo program is a utility that you can use to test your scanner without being connected to your bank’s online deposit software. It can run the device’s motors and image sensors to capture images offline and assess speed and image quality.

CARMANSCAN professional car diagnostics - MANUFACTURER CARMAN Intl presents: MANUFACTURER NEXTECH Co, LTd(the predecessor of CARMAN Intl, Co, LTD) - is one of the main diagnostic tools manufacturer in the world from South Korea. Company wass established in 1991 and was engaged in software developing for railway and other control solutions. In 1995 NEXTECH Co, LTD won a tender for creation of OEM scan tool for Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors, which are headliners of Korean automobile industry. Soon tool, named Hi-Scan was introduced.

In 1997 scan tool was upgraded with scope and got new name Hi-Scan Pro. Until nowdays this scan tool is successfully supplied to dealers network of Hyundai and KIA all over the world. Warcraft 3 torrent mac fr. By 2008 more than 40 000 tools have been sold.

Carman Planet, If you first time. You can start Downloading from 'Download center' New software for. CARMAN VG+/64. CARMAN VG (blue. Carman Scan Wi Diagnostic Tester The Carman Scan Wi Diagnostic Tester. Still supported for spares and repairs. Software Updates. Owners of the Carman Scan Wi can. Carman Scan Software Update. Carman Scan have just released the 14B0ENG software update for AT, Lite, VG+/64, Wi & VCi tools. Carman Scan owners can log onto our.


Since 1999 NEXTECH Co, LTD starts manufacturing of wheel aliners. Since 2003 NEXTECH wheel aliner was upgraded with wireless function and company starts exporting to many countries of the world like Russia, China, India, Turkey, Australia, Malaysia, etc.

Carman Scan Lite Software Update

Carman Scan Wi

Carman Scan Lite Software

It has been sold more than 2000 aliners worldwide. In 2002 NEXTECH Co, LTD introduced first CAR PC with GPS navigation function in Korea, which was exported to other countries, like Russia, USA, Iran, China.

Since 2004 NEXTECH Co, LTD develops 7inch on-dash GPS navigation system, which had big success in Korea, Russia and sold also under Daewoo Electronics brand worldwide. In 2006 NEXTECH Co, LTD developed special equipment for diagnostics of Common Rail engines for BOSCH and DELPHI systems and Tire Pressure Monitoring tool for TMPS systems. They are supplied as OEM tools to dealers network of Korean car brands all over the world. Carmanscan 2 scan tool was upgraded into more advanced Carmanscan Lite, which has become one of the most popular model for diagnostics of Korean and Japanese cars worldwide and still remains as a hit of sales. In 2008 SsangYong Motor made contract for manufacturing of OEM tool DSM, based on Carmanscan Wi concept. In 2010 NEXTECH Co., LTD changed name into CARMAN International Co, LTD.

Carmanscan VG series got extended memory up to 64Mb and became a flagship pf Carman Scan scan tool's family under model name Carmanscan VG64. New fast top range scan tool was released under name of Carmanscan AT with wide colour touch screen and fast functioning. In 2011 Carmanscan Wi was upgraded into new model Carmanscan VCI, which was available with WIFI or Bluetooth communication. In 2015 CARMAN Intl released 2 new models: Carman AUTO-i 300, which is new generation of VCI and Carman AUTO-i 700 instead of Carmanscan AT.

Carman Scan Tool

Both new models share same platform and contain dealership level diagnostic software for Hyundai, Kia and SsangYong cars, remaining best scan tool for GM-Daewoo. It also has outsitanding coverage for all japanese manufacturers and basic diagnostics functions for many European and US cars. The office and factory of CARMAN Intl are located in Seoul, Korea with the staff of 120 engineers and officiers company goes on to be the leader at world's diagnostic market. You could purchase wished model from our web site or purchase annual subscription for updates of your current tool. © Carman Scan - diagnostic equipment for cars 2004-2016.