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Having gone through the setup process the Wireless Music System is flashing purple and not connecting to my network, how can I fix this?

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A continuous flashing purple indicator on a Wireless Music System indicates that the speaker is attempting to establish a connection to the network but is unable to do so. If however the LED indicator is solid purple in color, this indicates that the speaker has successfully connected to the network. If this is the case, please see below for instructions on how to play audio via AirPlay to your Wireless Music System:

If the LED is flashing purple, ensure you have updated to the latest version of Bowers & Wilkins Control App from the App Store (for iPod touch, iPad or iPhone users) or by visiting (Mac and PC users).
It is also advised that iTunes or the iOS device being used to stream via AirPlay is running the latest version of its software.
Reset the Wireless Music System and restart the setup process. During setup, ensure that the correct network has been selected, and that the password (wireless key) entered to enable the Wireless Music System to connect to the network has been entered accurately. The network name (SSID) and password (wireless key) entered must be between 8 and 63 alpha-numeric characters in length, containing no special characters (such as !'£$%^&*<>?).
NB: The network password required to connect the Wireless Music System to your home network is case sensitive.
If you think you may have entered your password incorrectly, reset the Wireless Music System and restart the setup process.
If the above suggestions do not help to achieve a successfull setup, it may be because the Wireless Music System may be failing to establish a connection to the network due to a wireless problem within your environment. Ensure that the wireless network environment has been optimised sufficiently:
It is possible that restarting your equipment may help to resolve this issue. If safe to do so turn your network router and your Mac or PC completely off and then on again (IMPORTANT: Switching your network router off may cause interruptions to downloads or digitally recorded television).
Consider the positioning of the Wireless Music System and the network router:

  • The distance between them should be within recommended operating range. Generally speaking, the closer they are positioned together the better, minimising the distance the wireless signal needs to travel.

Try to limit the number of walls, ceilings and other obstacles positioned between the Wireless Music system and the network router. It is often advisable to place the network router in a central location within the home, to ensure that the wireless signal produced by the router is evenly distributed throughout your environment.
Positioning a wireless network router in out of the way places (such as in a cupboard or under furniture) may reduce its range. Try moving the router out into the open to see if this helps.

  • Wireless Music Systems operate on the same radio frequency (2.4GHz) used by some microwave ovens, cordless telephones and wireless alarm systems. If possible, placing the network router and Wireless Music System away from such causes of wireless interference may result in successful connection.

If the above doesn’t help, check the advanced settings of your network router:

Bowers %26 Wilkins App For Mac
  • The network router must be using a wireless transmission mode that includes the wireless ‘g’ (802.11g) standard. Note that wireless ‘n’ (802.11n) is not supported by our Wireless Music Systems.

  • Ensure that the wireless encryption utilised on your network router is set to WPA or WPA2. WPA2 AES is recommended.

  • Changing the wireless radio channel on the network router may help. Ensure the channel selected is between 1 and 11 and that the channel is not being heavily used in your network environment. This will be unique depending on the environment, channels 1, 6 or 11 are often good options.

  • UPnP settings may need to be set to accept the Wireless Music System, ensuring that 'extended UPnP' is turned off.

  • Security features such as MAC Address Filtering or Access Point (AP) Isolation may need to be correctly configured to allow the Wireless Music System to connect to the network.

  • Ensure that the firmware on the network router is up to date. Some network routers will update their firmware automatically, whereas others will require this to be done manually.

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NB: If you are unsure how to check or alter these settings, then please refer to your network router’s user manual or contact your Internet service provider or router manufacturer’s technical support departments for further information.
Please ensure to reset and setup the Wireless Music System again, following any changes made as per the above suggestions.
If you are still experiencing issues at this stage, one alternative is to hardwire the Wireless Music System directly to your router to help improve stability. Instructions on how to do this can be found via the link below.
Please consult the following information:
Wired network connection (Ethernet)
Alternatively, for further assistance please contact us via the ‘Ask a question’ button to the right of this page.

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