Audi Mmi Update Free Download

  1. Audi Mmi Update Free Download
  2. Audi Mmi Free Download

Audi recently updated its MMI system, with its MIB 3 hardware. This new third-generation of infotainment brings a new chipset that’s up to ten times faster than the outgoing system, which gives Audi the ability to offer even more new features. Among the new functions that will be available for 2021 model-year cars will be as follows:

– Wireless provider for in-vehicle functions: Verizon

MMI 3G+/3GP navigation 6.28.2 and firmware updates - currently 2020/2021 Links to the latest versions of firmware and map update (with activator) Map & activator (activator works for 2018/2019 maps): 8R0 060 884 GA - 6.28.2 2019 MMI 3G High/Plus Europe 2019 Link on Mega (use 7z/7zip to open. Audi Mmi Update Free Download Pc Here comes the guide on how to update Audi MMI 3G firmare.Follow this guide you need to know try it at you own risk. Easily retrospectively activate the navigations system for your Audi. It only costs around two grand for a new MMI controller, and most cases of bricking over the years are connected to using 'free' downloaded software to try to update it. Some overlap the 4140 debacle too. I did probably the first non-dealer retro install of AMI, so know the revs and have self installed the last two with legit Audi disks.

  • – LTE Advanced Pro modem rated for up to 1 Gbps download speed
  • – 11ac Wi-Fi (2.4GHz and 5GHz bands)

– HD voice communication

– New Linux-based operating system

Those might not seem too thrilling but their are interesting, specifically the 1 Gbps download speed. In the future, most electric cars, and even many internal combustion engine cars, will feature extensive over-the-air updates. That ability to download updates at Gigabit speed will be incredibly helpful. But, really, that speed is to help your tweens watch TikTok videos in the back seat in lag-free high-definition.


There will also be some other new features, such as:

Audi Mmi Update Free Download

  • – SiriusXM with 360L
  • – Hybrid digital radio
  • – New myAudi app digital storefront experience with myAudi marketplace
  • – Function on Demand
  • – Navigation
  • – More Features to be Added

What are these new functions, exactly? Sirius XM 360L essentially better integrates Sirius with specific cars, giving customers a more comprehensive selection of channels and a better-integrated user interface.

Hybrid digital radio is interesting, as it combines both terrestrial FM radio and digital HD radio. So if you’re listening to an FM station but drive outside of its range, the car will automatically switch to the digital version of the station, using the car’s LTE connection, seamlessly. So your station never stops due to range.

Function on Demand will allow customers to actually buy certain functions for the MMI system on the fly. So if you didn’t option something when buying the car new, or if you bought the car used and it didn’t have a certain feature you wanted, you can simply purchase the feature afterward. For instance, if you bought an Audi A4 without the added navigation package but now want it, you can just buy it through the MMI system and it will unlock and download.

Audi Mmi Free Download

All new MIB 3-equipped Audis will be Amazon Alexa Auto-capable as well. With Alexa Auto, you can connect your Audi account to your Amazon Prime Alexa and use the MMI system to control Alexa’s functions. For instance, you can ask for directions, check the weather in certain areas, add items to your shopping list or whatever else you’d use it (her?) for. Essentially, it turns the car into an extension of your own Alexa.

There’s also the integrated toll module, which links your potentially various toll accounts to the car, meaning you never have to have the little toll dongle in your car. You simply connect the car to your different accounts and never worry about tolls again. Brilliant.