Apple Music Cracked Ipa

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  2. Since it is to bring you unofficial apps right on to the display of iPhone/iPad, Apple firmware doesn’t allow NGXPlay to come into play. Therefore you need to make sure that your iPhone’s /iPad’s firmware is compatible to download NGXPlay. To put it simple, for that you need to break all the restrictions imposed by Apple.

“Have you ever wanted to enjoy your most favorite apps like Youtube, Netflix, Videos and Facebook on CarPlay? If so, do not hesitate to download NGXPlay/CarBridge – We have made it easy for you with WheelPal App”

Firstly, NGXPlay and CarBridge are two different apps / tweaks for CarPlay that enables you to have third-party apps that are not officially available in Apple CarPlay. Certainly, that means you can use YouTube, Netflix, Messenger, Facebook, Games, Safari and many more on Apple CarPlay if you have NGXPlay or CarBridge installed on your phone successfully. Many car lovers worry about how to hack CarPlay with and without jailbreak and for them, NGXPlay / CarBridge is the solution. Here we will provide you the safest and 100% working methods to download NGXPlay and CarBridge.


1. NGXPlay

With WheelPal

2. CarBridge

3. NGXPlay vs CarBridge

4. FAQ and answers related to NGXPlay and CarBridge

5. Conclusion


Download NGXPlay

There are few methods to download NGXPlay. As I previously mentioned, NGXPlay tweak allows us to have any app outside the official CarPlay environment. Since it is to bring you unofficial apps right on to the display of iPhone/iPad, Apple firmware doesn’t allow NGXPlay to come into play. Therefore you need to make sure that your iPhone’s /iPad’s firmware is compatible to download NGXPlay. To put it simple, for that you need to break all the restrictions imposed by Apple. That breaking is called technically, “Jailbreaking”.

Most of the NGXPlay download methods require jailbreaking and there are some ways to experience NGXPlay without jailbreak. Here we are giving you safest methods to download NGXPlay ipa.

  1. Download NGXPlay with WheelPal

Asmany of the car enthusiasts face issues in jailbreaking the phone and downloading the NGXPlay app, we can suggest the WheelPal app as the most convenient and the safest method to download NGXPlay and enjoy any app on CarPlay.

The most interesting thing is you do not need a jailbroken phone to download WheelPal. Yet you need jailbreak to enjoy NGXPlay. So that WheelPal provides you the instructions, step by step guides, jailbreak tools, NGXPlay ipa, necessary repos and all the resources you need to jailbreak your device and to download NGXPlay. Then the app provides the necessary steps to add any desired app on CarPlay.

WheelPal is now compatible with iOS 9 to iOS 14.3 with the devices below iPhoneX. To enjoy the whole functionality you need a stable jailbreak compatible with your iOS version.

2. Cydia for Downloading NGXPlay

NGXPlay can only be achieved only if your iPhone/iPad is jail-breakable. Months ago, jailbreak was only available for iOS 13 and below. But now you can jailbreak your iPhone/iPad even if it is running on iOS 14.3 (pc methods are available for iDevices below iPhone X). If you have already jailbroken your iPhone/iPad, downloading NGXPlay is just a few taps away. All you need to do is add sources (Repo – BigBoss) through the Cydia app you have on your Home Screen. In addition, you may get the assistance of a third-party app like TweakMo to jailbreak and download Cydia first.

Apple Music Cracked Ipa

BigBoss URL – (Add this in add sources URL space)

3. Download NGXPlay without Jailbreak

‘How to download NGXPlay without jailbreak?’ has become a very common question among Apple CarPlay lovers. The reasons for everyone to search for NGXPlay no jailbreak methods may be the fear of the term jailbreak and lack of tech knowledge.

Although we said that having NGXPlay without jailbreak is not something possible, we would like to let you know that there is a way to download NGXPlay without jailbreak. It’s via the app called “InCar”. But please note that this only gives the NGXPlay functionality as an alternative way to get CarPlay apps outside the default version. To put it simple, this acts as a CarPlay simulation. Hence, this comes with its own limitations. However the app allows you to experience CarPlay/Android User Interface with larger icons on your mobile phone.

For now, this works only with Android devices and it will be soon available for iOS users. So you can try InCar App as a simulation of NGXPlay for Android.

Read more on InCar App.

How to Download NGXPlay for iOS 11- iOS 14.3

Download NGXPlay for iOS 14, iOS 14.1, iOS 14.2 and iOS14.3

In order to download NGXPlay for iOS 14 you need to jailbreak your device. Checkra1n Jailbreak is available via a PC/ computer method for iOS 14, iOS 14.1, iOS 14.2, iOS14.3. If you are going to install NGXPlay with the WheelPal app, the instructions and required tools are provided for downloading iOS 14 and higher after jailbreaking your device using the PC method. If you are planning to follow the steps to download NGXPlay manually, first you need to jailbreak your phone with Checkra1n.

Note: For now the PC method is compatible only with iPhone A9 (X) and lower devices.

Downloading NGXPlay for iOS 13- iOS 13.7

You can use NGXPlay on your iOS 13- 13.7 after Jailbreaking your iPhone and if you're going ahead with WheelPal, it provides all the compatible jailbreak tools based on your iOS version. Also it provides iOS13 NGXPlay repo and other sources too. If you are going ahead with manual steps, you can jailbreak your iPhone with a tool like Checkra1n, Unc0ver, Odyssey.

Download NGXPlay for iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12, iOS 12.2 and iOS 12.4

If you are downloading NGXPlay with WheelPal, it provides you all the compatible jailbreak tools based on your iOS version. If not you can use jailbreak tools like Checkra1n and Unc0ver and then follow the download NGXPlay steps given below.

Step Guide for downloading NGXPlay

  1. Jailbreak your iDevice with a compatible jailbreak tool.
  2. Install Cydia
  3. In Cydia app, Go to Sources>tap edit> add> insert URL

URL= BigBoss URL –

  1. Now go on search and search for NGXPlay
  2. Then select and install NGXPlay
  3. Congratulations. Now you are free to launch and enjoy NGXPlay by enabling your favorite apps on the application.


Apple Music Cracked Ipad

CarBridge is just another tweak that provides almost the same features as NGXPlay. So we can simply say CarBridge is a NGXPlay alternative which allows you to add non default apps to Apple CarPlay. Instead of mirroring apps to CarPlay like NGXPlay does, CarBridge actually runs apps on CarPlay. CarBridge requires a jailbroken iPhone/iPad. The good news is, now jailbreak is available for the devices running up to the latest iOS 14.3.

CarBridge for iOS 11- iOS 14

In order to use CarBridge you need to jailbreak your iDevice. Many users query whether there is a method to download CarBridge without jailbreak, and the answer we can give them is currently you can not install CarBridge without Jailbreak.

Currently jailbreak is available for almost all the iOS versions. iOS 14 -iOS 14.3 users can use Checkra1n jailbreak PC method for iPhone X and below devices. CarBridge ‘s new update supports iOS 14 , but many complaints it does not work properly. Anyhow iOS 13- iOS13.7 , iOS 12, iOS 11 and other users can use UnCover, Checkra1n or Odyssey for jailbreaking their devices based on the iOS version compatibility.

So you do not have to waste your time going after fake CarBridge cracked versions, CarBridge repos for your iOS version. What you simply have to do is jailbreak your iDevice with a compatible jailbreak tool and then follow the steps given below.

Download CarBridge

You can download CarBridge for any iOS version with a jailbroken iDevice and you may download CarBridge mainly in two ways.

  • By donating CarBridge - If you are interested in getting CarBridge at a few dollars cost you can simply go with this.
  • With downloading CarBridge.ipa With Packix repo - Carbridge Lite works best for iOS 13 (Now available for iOS 13.7)
  • By downloading via Cydia. - You can follow the steps below in order to download CarBridge.

How to download CarBridge :

  1. Grab your jailbreak compatible iPhone/iPad
  2. Before everything begins, back up the phone Because, if anything happens to your phone during the process, it will lose internal data.
  3. Next you’ll need to Jailbreak your iPhone. To do this, install Impactor and drag the jailbreak .ipa file to Cydia Impactor.
  4. Next click on Cydia
  5. In Cydia install these: -Rocketbootstrap, Applist & Filza
  6. Perferenceloader – is not there to see in Cydia, so you’ll need to navigate in your source tab ex. Big Boss / System PerferenceLoader
  7. Install the leftyfl1p.deb file (You’ll need Filza to install this)
  8. Congratulations ! Now you have installed leftyfl1p.deb file and are free to use any app on CarPlay.

NGXPlay vs CarBridge

After getting to know that both NGXPlay and CarBridge offer almost the same functionality, many users have the problem, what is the best CarPlay tweak among NGXPlay and CarBridge ?

The main difference between NGXPlay and CarBridge is, NGXPlay just mirrors the apps running on iPhone to the CarPlay display while CarBridge actually runs them on CarPlay. As CarBridge actually runs there, it can provide more features and functionality.

But There are some known issues in CarBridge such as it does not support Netflix , It only gives better performance in navigation apps if the phone is unlocked, so that you need to change settings of phone to keep it unlocked throughout your drive. Also the CarBridge works best with touchable screens. Yet CarBridge developers work actively to improve it. When it comes to NGXPlay, it supports almost any app.

So you can decide what to choose, just comparing the features and drawbacks of NGXPlay vs CarBridge.


FAQ and answers related to NGXPlay and CarBridge

How to install NGXPlay without Jailbreak ?

Actually it is compulsory to jailbreak your phone for enjoying NGXPlay. Now jailbreak is available for any iOS version and you can have it manually or with an app like WheelPal.

Can I install CarBridge with no Jailbreak ?

No. You need a jailbroken phone in order to enjoy CarBridge.

CarBridge Netflix not working

Actually CarBridge does not support Netflix due to the DRM protection of the app. It is a known issue and hopefully the CarBridge developers will find a method to overcome this issue.

What are the best CarBridge alternatives ?

Service wise NGXPlay is the best CarBride alternative, but in functionality wise still there are no successful alternatives for CarBridge.

Can I use NGXPlay for my iPhone 11 PRO running iOS 14 ?

Apple music cracked ipa

As Jailbreak is a must for installing the NGXPlay app, and as iOS 11 PRO does not have a compatible jailbreak for iOS 14, you can not enjoy it now. Therefore please wait until a stable jailbreak is released for your device and iOS version.


In conclusion NGXPlay and CarBridge are the best tweaks for CarPlay which allows you to add non default apps to Apple CarPlay. Both of them need jailbreak .

You can download NGXPlay with WheelPal app or by following manual steps and you can download CarBridge by donating CarBridge or using Cydia.

After successfully installing these apps you can enjoy YouTube, Netflix, Videos, Games, Facebook and other non default apps on Apple CarPlay. But use these apps wisely when you are driving as these apps are restricted by apple due to safety reasons.