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Restore Apple Devices Without itunes using 3UTools. How to backup and restore iPhone without iTunes using 3utools Restore Your iOS Device in a More Simple Way. 3utools best alternative to itunes restore firmware and jailbreak iOS iphone ipad ipod. also 3utools update support ios12 now.

Global Nav Open Menu Global Nav Close Menu; Apple; Shopping Bag +. And found no Apple Mobile Device USB Driver. 3uTools is a tool for flashing and jailbreaking Apple s iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, provides three ways, Easy Mode, Professional Mode or Multiple Flash to flash Apple mobile devices, selects the appropriate firmware automatically and supports a rapid downloading speed. 3uTools 2.38.010 changelog, Optimized iTunes driver repair to enhance successful iDevice. 3utools Apple Driver Download 3utools Driver Download Pc Among many tools and Applications are in the Apple iOS world, the 3uTools is a powerful tool to change your iOS device as much as you want by changing its set up, installing apps and doing much with the help of the tool. 1.Why do I need to bind Apple ID using 3uTools? After binding your Apple ID, 3uTools can help you purchase the free authorized apps from iOS App Store using this ID, and you can also make in-app purchases and login to Game Center. 2.Is it safe to bind Apple ID using 3uTools?

How to Back up and Restore Your iPhone Apps Using 3uTools?

Restore Apple Devices Without iTunes using 3UTools.

3uTools is an all in one Windows based application designed to work with any iOS device.

3uTools claims it is the most efficient iOS files and data management tool currently available. We can’t comment on the veracity of that statement, but it does make it easy to manage your apps, photos, music, ringtones and other multimedia files. support iOS12


1. How to Fix the iTunes Drivers Using 3uTools?

3utools Apple Driver Download

When you connect iDevice to 3uTools, users need to firstly install “iTunes” or “Apple Mobile Device Service” on your PC before launching 3uTools successfully. If your drivers fail to start, 3uTools will help you fix the drivers. iTunes’ component errors may cause failure in fixing the iTunes drivers. At this moment you need to uninstall all these iTunes’s components, and restart 3utools to “install iTunes” or “install the drivers'..


iTunes' component errors may cause failure in fixing the iTunes drivers. Adobe acrobat 7.0 professional activation code free download. At this moment you need to uninstall all these iTunes's components, and restart 3utools to “install iTunes” or “install the drivers”.

The specific methods of uninstalling all iTunes components

Open “Control Panel”→”Programs and Features” to uninstall iTunes and its relational components (That means uninstalling all programs that were released by iTunes). After it’s completed, please restart 3utools to “install iTunes” or “install the Drivers”. It’s suggested to uninstall them in the following order:

3utools apple driver download

3utools Apple Drivers

1. iTunes

2. QuickTime

3. Apple Software Update

4. Apple Mobile Device Support

5. Bonjour

6. Apple applications

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2. How to Solve Connection Issues Using 3uTools?

If your iPhone, iPad or iPod won't connect to 3utools on your PC, try the steps below.

Update iTunes

Check that you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer.
Make sure your iOS device trusts your computer

If you connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your computer and see 'If you have not connected your iOS device to this computer before, unlock the device and tap Trust,' make sure that your device trusts the computer.
If you use Windows XP and you see the trust alert on your device repeatedly, make sure that you installed iTunes..

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