Monthly Archives: May 2018

The Chicken Rice Shop #Sungkai2018

This year for Ramadhan, The Chicken Rice Shop introduces their special Ayam Rendang set meal, a steal for 4-5 adults to feast on. The set meal also includes the usual favourites like Kerabu Mango, Nyonya Pai Tee and others. See their Instagram @thechickenriceshopbn for more info.

WAFA Hotel #Sungkai2018

For the first time this year, WAFA Hotel is offering a mix of western and Asian dishes including the local favourite of many, Ambuyat. Desserts includes a lot cakes, Cucur and you can make your own ABC too. They’re located on the 3rd floor of Annajat Complex, Beribi.

Burger King #Sungkai2018

Sometimes, all you need after a long day of fasting are some good burgers and fries. Ok maybe, some nuggets, cheesy fries, Taro and sundae too. So go treat yourself to some Burger King goodness with their value-for-money Set meals which is available for delivery too. See @burgerkingbrunei’s Instagram for details.

Bann Nucha #Sungkai2018

Looking for some Indo Thai fusion dishes for Sungkai? If so, Bann Nucha (IG: is the place to be. The establishment has now revamped itself to give you a better dinning experience with a range of new dishes. Their Sungkai package includes free flow of drinks and Kurma. Call 2456122 for reservations.