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Trying out different varieties of rice from Organic (Thailand) with some local favourites. It’s a very tasty and interesting combo if you’re looking into different types of rice than the usual Thai fragrant rice.
The Organic rice is available at Hua Ho Kiulap and priced between $3-$8.
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Happening now! @baiduribank’s fabulous market under the stars till 10pm tonight! Featuring other local vendors:
Picnic fun and chill out for a good cause!
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Greetings everyone! Starting today, aside from posting local dishes from Brunei, we’ll also be featuring food from various parts of the world, especially the ASEAN region. Traveling for food is getting to be a trend now so we would like to share some food that we’ve had during our travels. We also welcome your contribution, do photo-tag us to get our attention (halal ones only please 😁) so that we can repost it back.
To kick things off, we’re featuring this Authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball from Mamee Jonker House in Melaka, Malaysia. The chicken is tender and juicy, and the rice is even delicious to eat on its own. They’ve got quite an extensive menu, we also tried the Mamee Chef Curry Laksa and loved it. More info at or @mameejonkerhouse
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We finally had a taste of this Earth Meets the Moon; with three (3) toppings, Peetsuh’s Favourite Barbecue Chicken, Everybody’s Favourite Tuna, and Meat’s Cousin. We’re a big fan of the distinctive rich taste. 👍👍
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