Daily Archives: December 4, 2016

#repost @kapowburger – Open from 5PM to 10PM Today!

You can either takeaway or dine in here. KaPOW is part of an existing restaurant so you can order drinks from the restaurant.
Preorders text/WA 8776081

On the menu today:

Beef KaPOW $5
Sloppy Jim $5.50 (Burger)
Sloppy Joe $2 (Sausage)
Sloppy John $4
Moroccan Lamb KaPOW $6.50
Spicy Pulled Chix KaPOW $5

Visit us at our new spot along Jalan Utama Berakas, heading to Soon Lee Lambak / Perpindahan Lambak Kanan. Simpang 37 on your left if you’re coming in from Berakas.

Photo credit: @bruneifoodies via Instagram http://ift.tt/2fURcwb