Calling all Pokémon Hunters! This is a ‘Survival Kit’ you don’t wanna miss! Nice one Progresif 👍👍👍
#repost from @progresif_cellular – Just when you thought you had them all, then you see your friend with a stronger Pokemon than yours…well, here’s the answer – drop by the flagpoles in between SOAS Mosque and Taman SOAS ‪@8PM‬ sharp tonight, who knows you might be able to catch Victreebel – a perfect Gym defender to add to your team. Remember, the first 50 people to be there will get a Survival Kit with a Chocolate Bomb courtesy of @bakeculturebrunei and a Wintermelon drink from @gongcha in it. And if you’re wearing an #iamprogresif t-shirt or using a Progresif line we’ll also be giving you a $10 TopUp to keep you hunting longer. #thatsprogresif #pokemon #pokemongo #repost #bruneifoodies via Instagram

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