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Awesome creative designs!

#repost @progresif_cellular – A big thanks goes out to everyone who submitted designs for the Raya Packet Contest – and here are our Top 5 Winners, who we felt understood the theme of ‘The Old and New of Brunei’ and have showcased a deep appreciation of the past and the excitement of what the future holds for the nation. When the new moon shows itself to us and marks the first day of Hari Raya, our 5 winners will be able to proudly say, “I’m one of the Top 5 who dreamt-up this year’s design for Progresif’s Hari Raya packets.” With that we’d just like to say we can’t wait to do more with everyone in the future to support Arts and Culture. Thanks for being Progresif. #thatsprogresif #bfpcsb #brunei #rayabrunei2016 via Instagram

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@Regrann from @progresif_cellular – Love Bugs (the Volkswagen kind)? Well, you’ll be happy to know that @volkswagenbrunei together with @thecollectiveartevents are throwing their first ‘Volkswagen Pop Up Sungkai Dinner’ this Friday 24th – to get a taste of what’s on the menu, you can sign up here: On Saturday 25th, there’s more food to choose from at the ‘Ramadhan Weekend Pop Up’ at Kg Sg Hanching organised by @comebykitchen – and if you feel like shopping, check out ‘The Little After Hours Night Market’ at in Kiulap, or for a real breakfast treat, try ‘The Midnight Breakfast’ at @theenergykitchen. #thatsprogresif #progresifweekend @visit_brunei #Regrann #bruneifoodies via Instagram

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