Monthly Archives: August 2014

Homemade Com Tam Ga Nuong Xa: Real Vietnamese style broken rice with Grilled Lemongrass Chicken, and Nuoc Mam: Vietnamese Garlic Fish Sauce by @sassy_saigon_kitchen.

They only do limited slots every Thursday, so always #booksis early. Check out their IG profile or Facebook Page on how to place your order. #vietnamese #foodporn #foodpic #bruneifoodies #lovefoodhatewaste #sassysaigon

There’s a new crepe place in town! Crepe Signature is located inside Giant Rimba Hypermarket and serves various sweet and savoury crispy crepe. They’ve got 35 flavors to try from, like milo, chicken slice, peanut butter, banana and many more. Check out our Facebook Page for more pics and info. #crepesignature #crepe #bruneifoodies #lovefoodhatewaste #crepesignaturebrunei

New Lunch Sets at Charcoal BBQ & Grill available from Monday to Saturday only. Clockwise from top right: Sweet Spicy Grilled Chicken, Dauphinoise Fish Fillet with Fresh Salad, Alabama Lamb Chop (250g) and Macaroni with Creamy Bolognaise. Prices range from $8.90 – $12.90 and includes unlimited refills of hotels coffee/tea or sparkling juice. #bruneifoodies #lovefoodhatewaste #charcoalbbqgrill