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Coffee lovers rejoice! Starting May 30th, at all branches of @coffeebean_brunei, you will have 6 ways on how you can personalize the brewing of your coffee. Flavors varies from strong to smooth to rich, so there’s bound to be a flavor that suit you. And they will also advice on food pairing for them. #coffeebeanbrunei #bruneifoodies #lovefoodhatewaste #brunei #cbtl #cbtlbrunei

It comes with 4 @tatyscafe 15% discount. #bruneifoodies
By @gzulyusof “Hi guys get this Pink Desserts from Ultimate Foodie Bloggers Challenge 2010 for only $10 each and and its for charity!!! Yes charity to Brunei Breast Cancer Support Group~~
Morethan 50 recipes inside~~
Get it here at Femes Bazaar KL at No 17, Spg 396-53-101 Kg Jerudong~~” via @PhotoRepost_app