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Last day folks! LAST DAY!
By @thanislim “Today is the final day of PHOP all you can eat promotion. So far the record that people can stuff is 3 stacks of pancakes… around 9 slices of yummy pancakes with their condiments. Can anyone break the challenge and eat more than four stacks? Hashtag #phopbrunei or #paddingtonpancakes to show your achievements! Or number of stacks #1stack #2stack #3stack #4stack or … #5stack! Is that humanely possible? .. Anyone who has eaten four stacks individually (no sharing one ooo.. must be honest) will get a free sundae for next visit! Just tell the staff when you break the record! Hahaha! Has anyone tagged their best looking pancake designs yet? Can’t wait to see whose the winner!” via @PhotoRepost_app #bruneifoodies #phopbrunei #pancakes

All you can eat Pancakes! Order a stack of your favorite pancakes, decorate it with your favourite toppings and enjoy a happy pancake meal ~ freshly flipped pancakes, dozens of toppings, refillable ice-cream, coffee & tea and more! Also remember to Post your creative pancake photo on Facebook to win prizes… (Available for a limited time 2-6pm today and next Saturday Sunday!) Call 2331668 to make reservations! 😃 #phopbrunei #bruneifoodies #lovefoodhatewaste

Decorate your own pancake at Paddington House of Pancakes Eat All You Can Buffet. Simply order the pancake of your choice – peaches & coconuts, chocochip, blueberry, original, orea and banana & raisins – and then decorate it with marshmallows, fresh fruits and lots more for $15.50. Only on Saturdays and Sundays this March. #phop #phopbrunei #pancakes #bruneifoodies #lovefoodhatewaste