Back in 2009, my fellow blogging (yes it was the IN thing back then) friends namely @anakbrunei @ranoadidas @maurina @emmagoodegg #SenorPablo & I organised the first ever foodie event that brings together a lot of homegrown cooks to share their favorite recipes. The cooks brought their dishes to the event and the public got to vote which ones are their favorite.
With help from other blogging friends, the recipes were then compiled and only 500 copies of the book were printed. The proceeds was totally donated to Brunei Special Olympics squad who were going to Athens back then. We managed to raise B$10,586 from the recipe book. One book was signed by Princess ‘Azemah and after some serious bidding via the book was sold for B$5,586!

My SocMed gang and I have been planning to do another one but we’re all a bit busy now so I hope the new foodies (online food vendors) on social media now would do something similar. You guys have the influence and big followers, so please unite instead of trying to out-do each other.
If you would like to read more about the event, simply Google ‘Bloggers raise funds for Brunei Special Olympics Team’. #bruneifoodies #myrecipes #brunei #specialolympics

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