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Periuk Malaysia Belanga #Brunei featuring Manjaro Restaurant.

Totally didn’t know about this show and it seems that this was shot quite a while back as the interiors of Manjaro in the program is not the current one. Anyway, it’s good to see a popular Brunei restaurant and a good friend of mine too featured in foodie program.

A joint venture program between RTB and RTM. This is a cooking program where it features the two well-known chefs of two countries, Brunei and Malaysia. Apart from the colorful and delicious cookings by the chefs, the programme also features local attractions and culture of each country. Along with an in-depth review of restuarants and places to dine. And with two happygoers, the host; Zain and Serina, the programme is a must watch for anyone interested in food, travel and a dash of fun.

Click here to see the complete show.

We need to come down hard on careless eateries.

Indeed. This story about a lady finding a metal bolt in her Nasi Lemak just shows how careless certain restaurants can be. As much as cleanliness is important, I think owners should ensure that their waiters/waitresses have good manners when attending to diners. I myself have seen the service staff sitting together instead and loudly joking around like no one is around. 

via Opinion Page, Borneo Bulletin