Rigid service at Topaz?

I receive an email from someone who recently went to Topaz Cafe Lounge in Gadong.

It’s been a while since I’m back at Topaz. All that mouth-watering Mediterranean dishes made me wana come back. I like their chicken liver pate and Moroccan Chicken. Yesterday brought my two lovely cousins for lunch. I was surprised to see the lack of patrons apart from us at the 1st floor and another couple downstairs. First impression; what’s going on? Why is there no people eating at this place?

We ordered our meals.
I wanted to order the Moroccan chicken but the menu had it with mashed potatoes. I don’t like mash potatoes cos I know it will come out of a box. I requested for a swap with French Fries. The waiter told me, not possible.
WHAT?? I could not believe the menu is so RIGID! I wonder who are they serving? Customers or themselves? There was not thing much for me to order, apart from pasta, but decided  to order the Club Sandwich with Fries.
I was disappointed when the food arrived. The bread was not toasted. It was floppy and soft.. No toothpick to hold the bread together. #FAIL Indeed! I asked the waiter to put the bread in an oven, to warm the bread.

I was really disappointed with the whole lunch experience as the quality of food was way low beyond my expectations from my past experience. This is a problem that many eateries face.. they can’t keep up with their own standards. It was good when they first open but now.. I was surprised with the rigid menu when I know there are not much customers in the Cafe and I thought they could be flexible.  Don’t they want business? As I mentioned earlier, who are they serving? Customers or themselves?

I’m a supporter of local business but  sorry Topaz! Will definitely come back, NOT!

Food Lover.

I think that’s quite a fair feedback and I myself am very curious why just a simple change of mashed potatoes to fries is not allowed. I do Topaz Restaurant management will accept this feedback in a positive way and maybe in the future not lose a customer over a simple side-order.

Photo from Click and Render. You can also read her(?) review at the jump.

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