All good at I-Lotus. I think it’s more than four years in a row now that I’ve never missed a Sungkai session at I-Lotus. Food choice is simply a lot and the quality is consistently good. So that’s why you must always make your reservations as this place is always packed.

Their Hot Plate Grill is probably their most popular part of the buffet. You can choose from crabs, prawns, stingrays and fish to be freshly cooked for you. You can also have various fried items, soup noodles (must try tom yam), rojak and desserts such as ABC and local cakes too. And there is even so much more. I doubt it if one can try every single one of them in one sitting.

And all this for only B$16.80 (Adult) and B$9.80 (Child). So it is not surprising to see the Chinese community frequenting the Sungkai buffet too. Besides Sungkai buffet, I-Lotus also offers Sahur Steamboat Buffet (1030pm-1am) at B$11.80 (Adult) and B$7.80 (Child).

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