Daily Archives: June 24, 2010

Lucky Hoof Yummies!

Craving for Roll Tapak Kuda? Need to get your Nutella fix? Well this is the place to go! You don’t have to wait till Hari Raya or any Festive Seasons because you can simply text in your orders (between Monday – Friday) and pick it up on Saturday. This ensures your roll is fresh and not frozen ones that were made weeks in advance.

And there’s 6 kinds of Roll Tapak Kuda to choose from;

PLAIN Roll Tapak Kuda which is the CLASSIC one tht delish NUTELLA spread! Its 3 Roll for $10.00 MALTESERS.

Roll Tapak Kuda & KIT KAT Roll Tapak Kuda for the chocoholic! If you are a big fan of Maltesers & Kit Kat Chocolate you might wanna try this! NUTELLA + Maltesers/KitKat? You’ll be surprised its 3 Roll for $18.00.

For you  NUT lovers, Lucky Hoof offering 2 types of nuts to be filled with this delish nutella! Its ALMOND & WALNUT! 3 Roll Almond will be $15.00 & for the Walnut will be $18.00.

Lastly but not least, have you ever try a STRAWBERRY/BANANA Roll Tapak Kuda? Well u r goin 2 love this fresh fruits fillings! For Banana tht’ll be 3 Roll $18.00 & Strawberry 3 Roll $20.00.

Lucky Hoof not only offers Roll Tapak Kuda, you can also order such yummies like Nutella Cake Tarts, Honey/Nutella Cornflakes and Chocolate/Oreo Cheese Cake too!

For more info on how to order and see what else is on offer, visit their blog www.luckyhoof.blogspot.com. You can also SMS your orders to +6738660443.