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Spread the Yumminess!

Do you run your own kitchen offering snacks (burgers/lasagna/pasta/etc) biscuits, cakes, cupcakes and other kinds of yumminess? Would you like to reach more customers and spread the love all over Brunei? Well here is your chance to be featured here for free (we’re nice that way you see hehe..). So simply email us the photos and info you wish to be shown here to whatiate2day-@-gmail.com (without the “ – ”) and we’ll have it up the soonest we can.

Last orders at Forever Desserts.

As of 5th July 2010, Vanilla Kitchen will no longer be accepting orders for the bakery.

We will be closed for the remainder of the year, on a 6-month hiatus for training abroad in Europe (woot! woot!). In the meantime, you can still order up your goodies until the 4th July!

All throughout this week, we have on offer:
– Red Velvet Cupcakes ($18 a dozen)
– Mocha Latte Cupcakes ($18 a dozen)
– Chocolate Mudcake Cupcakes ($18 a dozen)
– Chocolate Cupcake Cookies ($12 a dozen)
– Chocolate Linzer Cookies ($13 a dozen)

So place your orders today!! While stocks last! The Bakers from the Vanilla Kitchen would like to thank all our friends and customers for their patronage and support on one of Brunei’s local businesses.

We couldn’t have made it without you!! 🙂

Go here for more info on how to order.