Grazie Mauri Italian Restaurant (#Brunei).

Grazie Mauri is run by Chef Salvatore, who is the brother of Villa Mauri’s chef, Chef Maurizio. Right smack in the heart of Gadong, the place occupies the old spot where Sushi Tei was. It’s the building where Pondok Seri Wangi and Mulaut BBQ is.

The moment you walk into the place, you’ll definitely appreciate the bright lighting which makes the two-floors restaurant very spacious. The menu is pretty predictable if you’re used to Villa Mauri but Chef Salvatore does have a couple of signature dishes of his own. If you’re feeling adventurous, ask for the Chef’s special.

If you’re a big fan of desserts, then you’ll be spoilt for choices. You will be tempted to order them all! I personally recommend the Tiramisu. So, go head on down and give  it a go. You’ll probably bump into Chef Salvatore who usually goes from table to table to ask if your order is ok.

Unit 3, Block A, Abdul Razak Complex,
Gadong. (previously Sushi Tei’s)
Tel: 2447471

More photos here.

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