Cheezbox Café in Gadong has introduced a wide variety of mouth-watering cakes and pastries to the menu that will simply satisfy your taste buds.

The newly introduced desserts consist of cheesecakes made from different kinds of unique flavour namely Lavender, Double Decker, banana mocha, green tea and chocolate and lychee that are just simply rich in soft and creamy texture.

Other exquisite desserts on the menu offer scrumptious cakes that can be served as a perfect end to your meal such as the moist chocolate banana cake and the extremely luscious durian crepes cake.

The highly recommended pastries on the menu which are the all-time favourite for customers such as the salmon and broccoli quiches, chicken pie, tom yam pie, steak and mushroom pie and black pepper lamb pie.

Mini-desserts such as the Japanese soft cookie and Lavender cookies are also available for order.

The pastry maker and creator of the delightful desserts, Beeli Lu, said, “My passion is in baking. I’ve been baking cakes and pastries since I was young, which I usually learn the recipes from books or the Internet. And from there, I began to create my own recipes and design my own desserts. I like the flavour to be simple but unique. My priority is in the quality of my products. I want to introduce new and unique flavors to the market. Thus, all the cakes and pastries in the menu are created by myself. I only use fresh, quality ingredients. To me, it’s all about wholesome simplicity.”

The price for the cakes and pastries range from $4.50-$4.90. Apart from the new menu, customers can also indulge in the ever-popular Ultimate Chocolate cake, known for its richness in chocolate flavour that will melt in your mouth for every bite. For further information or inquiries, you may drop by Cheezbox Café located at The Mall, Gadong or contact 2425506.

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