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At Funbread Cafe. The new menu is simply amazing. Read what Maurina has to say anout it.

Fun Bread alluring new menu

By Farah Ahmadnawi

The newly refurbished Fun Bread Café in Gadong has undergone through a major facelift. Local bloggers and media have been invited recently for a food-tasting session at the cafe.

A number of dishes have been introduced to the menu which offers a wide range of enticing dishes ranging from oriental and local food such as seafood clam chowder, pandan chicken, soft shell crab, duck roll, soya glazed chicken with tofu and plenty more.

For those who are western-dish enthusiasts, they can indulge in the spicy Italian pasta, black pepper steak with fries, baked beef pasta, caesar salad with breaded chicken and more on the menu.

Relish in their refreshing drink and sinful desserts, which is usually the customers’ delight are the chocolate fantasy, variety of brownies served with ice-cream, strudels and plenty more. The winning dish of the night was the white chocolate macadamia cake which is a must-try dessert for its rich and moist texture that is simply divine.

The most popular dish and said to be highly recommended is the Kampong Fried Rice which includes spicy sambal, and grilled chicken topped with fried egg that will simply satisfy your gastronomic experience.

The manager of Fun Bread, Candy Choo said “ Our new look is to provide our customer a better place and of course even more better menu to keep them satisfied and happy. Most of our newly introduced dishes are half-oriental and half-western which are to meet our customers demands.”